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Friday, April 04, 2003

just got out of meeting with my advisor, and she ok'd the substitution since it means the difference in a semester/year for me, and since it's due to budget cuts and all that, so the choice of to minor or not to minor still remains, but I think if I decide to do the minor and take as many classes as possible at a JC over the summers, I can cut down on the amount of extra time, and get out of here with only one extra semester. I'm not 100% positive on this, so I'll have to go through and check it all out. At any rate, I can do chem 109 and human genetics in the fall with my load of english courses and not be behind, really, for graduation in the spring of next year if thats what I elect to do. so woot woot. more updates as it happens.

p.s. I love you fuzzy, but lets not test that love with intollerable pet-names, mmmkay? *kiss*

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