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Tuesday, April 08, 2003

I feel like I can't handle anything today.

all I can do is cry.

I feel better. Went out for late night dinner with Michelle. Got Taquitos. Taquitos = good.

Feel like an ass because I think I inadvertantly made things more difficult for fuzzy. He's the one thing I look forward to on a daily basis, as well as just in general, and I think thats a lot of pressure to put on one person... plus there's the fact that I'm a total basketcase a good majority of the time and, well, I really really haven't a clue as to why he puts up with me like he does. I think without him I wouldn't have that really importnat feeling... you know, the "one-day-all-this-bullshit-will-be-worth-it" feeling, about school, about the bio minor, about a lot of things. I try really hard to keep it together and not get so depressed all the time, and I try to focus on school and on why I'm putting out all this effort and whatnot, but then I think things like "I really wish I could watch him sleep right now", and I just lose it.

didn't get much accomplished on that list yet tonight, but a) I took a four hour nap, which I really truly desperately needed, b) I just ate so I can't really go to sleep anyway, and c) because of a and b I think I've got the energy to stay up a while and try to get some things done. not sure how much, but I need to whittle away at that list a little bit.

2 days until Mom and Amie. 2 days 2 days 2 days.

my new mantra: darth fuzzy, piwaket, and eve. darth fuzzy, piwaket, and eve. darth fuzzy, piwaket, and eve.

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