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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

my dilema

so I have a bit of an issue to work out.... the question is, should I walk in the graduation ceremony this may (04) or next may (05.) here are the pros and cons for each possibility...

May 04':
* I will get to graduate with a majority of my friends here
* I will not have to come back 6 months after being done and having moved on with my life
* I will be able to introduce some of said graduating friends to some of my other friends and parts of my family that they have heard a lot about
* I will not be done, and will therefor be lacking overall in that sense of done-ness that one would associate with graduation
* I will have "Magna cum Laude" on my degree, but won't get to wear the fancy cord thingies or have it announced during the ceremony

* I will get to graduate with honors, all announced and stuff, which will make my mom real happy
* I will be done, completely, with nothing hanging over my head.
* most of my good friends won't be around anymore
* I'll have to come all the way back up here 6 months afer I'm done, plus making the arrangements will be more of a pain in the ass since I won't already be here
* the unknown - who knows what I will be doing in my life at that point... what if something prevents me from going through the ceremony?

I'm sure there are more, and I welcome input on this...

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