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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

my long and growing absence...

So I haven't been posting much lately, and the long and short of it is that my computer kerploded and I'm waiting on a new one to magically appear in front of me. Because, you know, it's so much fun watching your husband roll his eyes and sigh loudly, then start running his imaginary friends on the computer over vast and impenitrable continents all before I can get on to check my email. I love him, everything about him, I promise, but I love this little character trait a smidgen less than the rest.

Work on the book progresses slowly, slower now that I'm back in school and can't stay up until 4am reading and writing to my hearts content. I've finished a craptacular draft of chapter two that I am way unhappy with, so it's sitting in a drawer until I have time to clear my head of it and then reattack it with fresh eyes. For having read about at least eleventy thousand crime scenes, I am turning out to be really bad at it. This must be fixed. If there's one thing I'm know I'm destined not to suck at, this would be it. I just have to find my mojo.

Classes are going well... I'm going to love Genetics and Forensic Anthropology (in which I will get to memorize every characteristic of every bone in the human body). I'm not sure how my chem class (Quantitative Analysis or Analytical Chemistry... notice they both contain the word "anal"), but at least it's going to be like training for something I might actually do at some point, which is always good. I got to buy a little skeleton called "Tiny Tim" for my Anthro class, so I'll take his portrait and put it up on here soon. He's a cute little guy.

Also, Diane the Magnificent lost her kitty Festes last night :'( He was an awesome cat, would always bring Fuzzy his string and sit there staring at him until the play commenced. Diane found him within days of his birth, tiny and still blind, in the middle of the field behind their house. He's been her buddy for a long time, and she is very upset right now, understandably so. If you can, spare a thought for her, she could use the support right now. We will all miss Festes, he was an awesome cat.

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At 10:35 PM, Blogger the future mrs. toll said...

Dude, email will always be there. Ragnaros will not!!!

<3 Wendy (and tell Chris I'm 5/8 Might now!)

(Also does he have any good strats for Vael?)

(ok geek is over)

(but seriously have him email me at wendywright at gmail yadayadayada.)

(you can email me too of course)

(good luck with the book)

(my love to diane)

(ok seriously im done now)

At 1:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thats cool, havent played it in months. Vael is BWL right? never been there but heard he was a bitch so GL with that one. i think my lock was 6/8 on the fell but iono.



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