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Sunday, September 10, 2006


So the new computer is here, and it is beeeyooootiful, with it's wide screen and all it's blue lights lighting up and stuff. And it has unused space for miles, and the buttons! are fantastic! And even the keyboard feels really nice, the keys clicking in such a satisfying way. And! None of the letters have worn off yet, lol.

Also, I got fuzzy hooked on
crocs, so we're a crocs family now. I love these shoes, they're ugly as all hell but they're the most comfortable things you can wear on your feet for long periods of time. I won't lie, I've had slippers that were more comfy, but these you can wear anywhere. They are awesome.

The book is sort of stuck. I'm to the point where I'm introducing my Dr. Adam character, and I think I'm just sort of petrified that I'm not going to get him right. I mean, he's not 100% Dr. Adam, really, more like Dr. Adam with some Lord Peter Wimsey and some Sherlock Holmes, and even some Dr. Watson bits thrown in. But still! How do you write the most inspirational professor you ever had? It's a little daunting. I guess, as with everything else, I need to convince myself that it's okay to not get it perfect, that I'm not turning it in to anyone anytime soon, so I have time to let the character marinade in my head, to fine tune him. And he doesn't have to be Dr. Adam exactly, it's okay if he has the qualities I remember and maybe a few more details, because that's what inspired this idea in the first place.

And have I mentioned my latest fantasy? I want to teach at Chatham. It would be awesome, I think, to be able to teach there, write my books, visit with all my friends out there on a more regular basis, etc.

Classes are going good. I'm positive that I can ace both Genetics and Forensic Anthropology this semester, and maybe even Quant as well, as long as I keep going on an even keel. I now know all of the bones in the leg and foot, and all of their various little parts. Plus lots of fun words in Latin.

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