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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

trying not to slowly destruct...

So I've been sick lately and it was starting to be just similar enough to last semester health catastrophe that I was starting to freak out about it. It started with a cough over the summer and thing have just been building. So the dr gave me a couple different things and I started to feel worse. I think it was just too many different meds though, so I stopped taking all of it and now I feel better. Still have the cough occasionally, but that I can live with much better than backache and other various and sundry hurting.

Of course when it rains it pours in my life, so my car started to get much worse, to the point where every journey away from the apartment involved a "gee I hope we make it home" sort of thing, so we went to look for cars. I was shrewd and merciless, and I got us a very good deal on a 2005 Toyota Corolla, which has only 22,000 miles on it. So now we have a very pretty blue car with a payment to go along with it, but it's cheaper than trying to keep my car running forever, so thats at least a plus. You trade money for a little security and safety, isn't being a grownup fun? Fuzzy freaked out a bit the morning after we brought it home, but hey, it's his first time buying a car. Little by little the freak out is fading and he's getting more and more excited about having it. I'm just excited to have a reliable car that, all indications show, will be a reliable car for a very loooong time. It's really anonymous, too, so thats a plus. Not screaming out to be stolen or pulled over, and it gets 37 miles per gallon. That takes a little of the sting out of the payment.

Sometimes it's nice to see the tiny flaws in his armor. When he has a rough time, I feel like I can really do something for him. I don't often get to comfort him, because normally he keeps it together too well to need me. I like being able to soothe him and tell him that everythings going to be okay, and remind him that we're a team and he doesn't have to do any of it alone.

I got an A on my first genetic test, so woo for me. I'm really liking my classes this semester, even Anal Chem is starting to grow on me. A little.

Tomorrow I go to my first round of mentor training. I'm excited about it because I think I'm really going to learn a lot, and maybe find some more energy from hanging out with someone younger than me. It's one of those things where you know you'll get more out of it than the kid you're supposed to be helping. I hope I can be the role model I'd like to be. I've had some bad life experiences, but in general I've been pretty priveledged, and if I can help them dream bigger or go farther or even just feel better about themselves, I'll consider myself huge success.

My students took their first exam today. I always get nervous, waiting to find out how well they did. I can't wait to find out!

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