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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

holy cow I'm white and nerdy...

It has finally happened. After nearly seven years of being in school, I am officially burnt out. Every day I get nauseous at the idea of going to class, of studying, of doing homework. Even though these are the best classes I've taken since I started on my road as a bio major, even though my life is exactly what I thought I wanted, it just makes me tired and worn out being in school. Am I too old for this?

So now for the whoa part. Chris and I are thinking about joining the peace corps. I think it would be awesome, really good for us, to go to another country, learn a new language, get tons of awesome life experiences and become a more active part of the global community. For nearly a decade I've wanted to do something like this, leave the US and get a little perspective on things. Chris isn't so sure about it as me, which is turning out to be a difficult bridge to cross, but the compromise we've come to at present is that we're going to apply, get all the information, and then make our final decision when we see what they have to offer us. I will only go if he becomes as happy with the idea as I am. I will not get my way just to see him be unhappy for two years. But I really really want to go.

One of the other things we're talking about is moving out to NY state one of these days. It took forever, because he's gotten so set on just going with my plans that I literally had to force him to tell me what he wants, but he finally admitted that he would like to go back near his home and life there. I've never been there, so I don't know what it's like at all, but if it will make him happy we will do it. Lord knows he's made enough sacrifices to be with me, and really the only thing tying me to CA is my family, and I only see them a couple times a year. We could still visit if me and him live in NY state, and seeing as we've talked about moving as far away as Scotland, well, NY is a little more accessible to them anyway. Plus I have friends out east, friends I wouldn't mind seeing more than once every five years.

About school.... who knows. In any case I think I need to take time off and evaluate what I want to do. At this point it could be genetics, it could be science writing, it could be forensic anthropology. In a way, I find myself chafing against the rigidity of biology as a major. It could be chemistry that I'm really burnt out on, but in any case I need to find out for sure before I commit myself to a masters program. Maybe I could find a forensic science masters program? I think my brain needs a rest. Usually, science majors aren't squeezing in just science classes, normally it's a mix of science and general ed and other classes that don't make you want to claw your eyes out of your head. The pressure is just really taking a toll on my health, mentally and physically.

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At 6:54 PM, Anonymous APM said...

Intresting Decisions you have in front of you, with your laid out plans and hopes. I wish you the best.

At 8:44 PM, Blogger Stacy said...

Andrew! I'd recognize your turn of phrase anywhere... When are you going to come visit us?


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