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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

and now, for Phugster McPhugalot

Here's my tsunami warning story. Last night, our apartment gave a barely noticeable lurch and Chris looked at me and asked "is this an earthquake?" and I looked back at him and said "iono" and shrugged. Later, in the middle of a critical moment in House (which, by the way, ellicited way more bitching than the earthquake), the damned emergency broadcast system told us the tsunami warning was cancelled, which was just fine seeing as we hadn't heard of a tsunami warning to begin with, and judging by the feeling I thought the earthquake was about a 2.0. Then at work we got a bunch of calls, and I found out like 4 different towns were evacuated.

thats it.

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At 7:35 PM, Anonymous phug said...

Mother Nature interrupted House?! How rude!

Hehehehe... since you were kind enough to share your seismological story, here's ours. In our brand new rear brick fence, there's now a large crack two-thirds of the way down the middle thanks to Sunday's earthquake down here. Just another depressing example of how God does not approve of the axiom "Good fences make good neighbors."

End transmission.


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