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Saturday, October 07, 2006

this list is dedicated to Michelle the Magnificent

In honor of Michelle, who always helped me make decisions by making lists of pros and cons, I am making a list of the pros and cons of going into the peace corps.

*Get to spend two years in another country, could potentially be awesome.
*Learn a new language, one not commonly known. Could then use said language to talk shit on people with dear husband.
*Gain valuable problem solving skills, learn to deal with challenges and nothing ever scary again.
*Opportunity to travel, meet interesting people, see several countries during vacation and weekends and stuff.
*Get more experience teaching something, earn teaching credential, be elligible for grad school fellowships.
*Have time to evaluate what I want to do for grad school while not wasting time or being idle.
*Chance to become more active member of the world, learn to operate outside sphere of comfort.
*Learning language makes it easier to emmigrate places.
*Have awesome stories to tell, maybe write book.
*Get to skip around ruins and play Indiana Jones with geeky aspiring archeologist husband.
*Do something no one in my family has ever done, learn to live in another country vastly different from the US.

*Two years far from family, toilet seat covers, and mexican food.
*Have to leave our kitties behind, both for their safety and because of the rules.
*Valuable skills gained from washing clothes in bucket, dodgy electricity, possible lack of flushing toilets.

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