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Friday, December 21, 2007

new fiber! woooo!

So I picked up some more of that alpaca/corriedale I last spun, but in a new color!!!! It's effing gorgeous!!!! Observe....

In this last photo, it really looks like it's made of cloud :) I also ordered a pound (!!!!!) of merino today (this turquoise beauty is chiefly to tide me over). It was $15. No kidding. It's undyed, which bummed me out at first, but now I'm thinking I can spin up the spindles, dye them in a few different colors, and then ply colors together, so it's a new possibility!

Me and Chris are going to try this weekend to make our own spindles (well, he won't use them, but he does the whole wood-working thing.) I will post pics of the result :)

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