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Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Adventure of the Job Fair

So today I drove out to LA to go to a job fair, hoping to find me some gainful employment.  It was advertised on the radio, with the recommendation that you bring copies of your resume, dress in proper business attire, and be prepared to accept a job then and there.  Not so much, really.  I think there were two, maybe three booths accepting actual resumes, and nearly all of them told me to apply online.  If that's the case, why didn't they just send out a big flier telling people where to apply for things?  It just seems a bit silly that I drove all that way for information that could have been exchanged easily on a website or mailer.

That said, I'm not upset that I went because it was my first time driving in LA since I got back here, and it really showed me how much of my self I've gotten back in the last month or so.  Even before the PTSD episode, I suffered from anxiety for a while, and when I was living up north I found myself having panic attacks when I was down here because of the speed and the number of people and cars everywhere.  I'm not sure how it happened, exactly, but somehow my locus of control shifted radically outward, and the result was that I became more fearful of the world in general, feeling much less in control of things.  Today was great, though.  I mean, no one really enjoys driving on a crowded freeway, but I have definitely reclaimed my inner road warrior.  

Being out today, I also saw a *ton* of yard sales, nearly one on every block I passed.  I guess it was inevitable that the economic depression would become more and more visible, but it's a bit depressing to see people so desperate for money that they try to sell all of their belongings.  I hope things turn around soon.

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