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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

the lull between visits

So my sister left yesterday, and Anthony is supposed to arrive sometime tomorrow bearing a futon and the promise of many fond adventures. Funny story... I bought a shirt that says "Idaho... NO! U-DA-HO!" on it because I saw it and imagined him giggling like a little girl at it. If he doesn't giggle about it sober, then I'm sure it will improve on him after a few drinks, at least. Here is how I imagine the visit will go, put together in silly, yet not inacurate, quotes:

Day 1: Anthony: "Damn, I really missed it up here. It's not even 100 degrees here!"
Me: "I know!"
Fuzzy: (shudders remembering the summer heat of Southern CA)

Day 2: Anthony: "Man, I missed Toby & Jacks... now if I could only remember what happened last night."
Me: "Seriously? I just remember you pointing at my shirt and giggling."
Fuzzy: (points at Anthony and laughs)

Day 3: Anthony: "Why'd I ever move back down, anyway?"
Me: *shrug*
Fuzzy: "No. Idea."

Day 4: Anthony: "So I'm sticking around. I'll be on the futon if you need me."
Fuzzy: "Want a beer?"
Me: "Or a Boone's Farm, perhaps?"

See? This is why people should just listen to me when I tell them to move up here.

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At 5:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

get ready bitches! heeeereeee i come!


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