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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

(cue dueling banjos)

So, our neighbors. *sigh* We have two sets of neighbors that are in the process of making my life a living hell. I've never even met any of these people, but I would be really happy if they'd manage to fall off the edge of the earth at some point, mmmmkay? One set likes to have their TV turned up loud at night. I'm talking, LOUD. As in we can hear it across two entire apartments and one large hallway worth of space, loud. The other set likes to pound on the wall in an effort to communicate something "please turn down the tv, shitforbrains." They also enjoy calling the police on each other, and then yelling at the poor officer their crazy-ass version of events, one bitching about the loud tv, the others bitching about the wall-banging. Now, see, I can understand the wall banging, because I can personally attest to the fact that on two separate occasions, two different police officers have had to pound on their fucking door for over 20 minutes because they WOULD NOT ANSWER THE FUCKING DOOR. How can I attest to this? Because it woke me from a sound sleep both times and I could hear every damn thing everyone was saying. So hi, you're party B, living next to a nutjob with a loud TV, they won't ever open the door and when they do they verbally accost you, so you can't exactly go ask them to turn it down like a normal person. I would sure as hell bang on the wall to. Just saying. The manager has been to talk to them several time. I know because I sleep next to him (or not sleep, on the evenings where the police visits, the yelling, or the TV blasting are occuring.) These people are all lunatics in need of some serious problem management skills. Aside from the keeping me up, they are also keeping Fuzzy up, and pretty much making him look a little more harassed every single day. Please people, knock it the fuck off already.

Also, Amie is here and I am excited!! And also tired from work and grocery shopping and cooking and stuff. But tonight, Diane the Magnificent is coming over to watch movies and knit and maybe drink a little wine. This should be most excellent. I miss Diane, and she is teh awesome, truly. So. Excited.

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At 8:53 AM, Anonymous kid ant said...

i HATE noisy neighbors. its the worst think in the world. siiiighh...they finally officially offered me a job here, and i think im gonna take it....but im dtill looking up north, and as soon as i find that job-im out yo.

At 9:12 AM, Blogger Stacy said...

you do realize, now, that you'll be there till you're 40, right?

At 1:47 PM, Anonymous the one they call kid said...

i plan on being in jail by the tim i'm 40.

a man's gotta have goals.


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