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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

still alive, I promise.

So we're still alive and kicking over here, things have just been busy because of Amie's visit. We haven't been doing a whole lot, and I know she is terminally bored since Chris and I have been working so much every day, but I for one am still having a huge blast just being around her. We have baked cakes and pies and cookies and made fabulous dinners, and watched movies and things.

The reason we having been doing more is because I finally went in to have my ingrown toenail cut out, and seeing as 90% of the nail went with it, it's been slow in healing. I had to take a whole day off of work and leave early another time, and I've spent entirely too much time laying on the couch with my foot elevated. Today *knock on wood*, it's finally begining to feel better, so I have good hopes for the rest of the visit. I want to take Amie to the beach, and take pictures of her and I together, and go to the farmers market and back to the Big Blue Cafe and do lots of other things. She wants to learn to bake pies, so I thought we'd go and see what sort of yummy fresh fruits we can buy at the farmers market and whip up something from that.

Yesterday we went clothes shopping, because anyone who knows me knows I am in desperate need of a wardrobe overhaul, especially with school starting up again, and I really managed to find some comfortable and fun stuff. I'm sick of looking frumpy or just plain blah. A lot of the clothes I have either don't fit properly, or I bought to try and camoflage my body (ineffectively, I might add.) I feel like I've finally come to grips with my weight and the shape I'm in, because I picked up some things that are a bit more daring and not quite so shapeless or just plain wrong. So hurrah for less self-loathing. Maybe I'll even post some pictures of myself? Even full length ones? It's not like I have to impress anyone but myself and maybe Fuzzy, when I'm in a generous mood.

Also, wonder of wonders, Amie found clothes at Ross that she actually liked, so we got her a couple of pairs of jeans at a really good price, which my mom was happy about. Could it be I've finally sold her on the benefits of bargain shopping? I mean, she balked when I said I wasn't going to get a shirt because, at $15, it was a little expensive for my budget, so maybe we've got a ways to go. At any rate, I still need more clothes, so we'll be going on another shopping spree when I get paid. At least then I should be able to walk a bit more, and we can go to the shops that she likes too. She said she couldn't possibly live here, though, because we haven't got Tilly's or Hollister or Abercrombe... *sigh*

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