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Monday, August 22, 2005

Oh, the places you'll go...

So today was my first official day as a Biology major. It's something I've spent the last year and a half mentally preparing for, but last night I found myself utterly mentally unready for it. I was really scared, to the point where I couldn't sleep, and when I did sleep it was to meet dreams of incorrect calculations and utter, abject failure. I've been so anxious that I've already read a bit farther ahead than I need to. Class actually relaxed me a bit though, when I saw that my classmates are the usual cross-section of students and not a room full of pulsating brains waiting to judge me and find me lacking. So far the whole thing is an extraordinarily expensive process... I've spend over $400 on school supplies, and I still have more to go. *sigh* But overall, I'm looking forward to it, and my goal is to set the curve in all my classes...

So y'all remember how I bought that huge and lovely digital camera? And I'm sure y'all have noticed that while the pictures were forthcoming for about a month after it arrived, they've been sadly lacking for the most part? Well, that's because it's a wonderful camera, but it's huge, and just taking it around is a real production, so I only take photos on carefully planned excursions, which is fine for carefully planned excursions, but not for the in between moments, which are really the best, sometimes. So, with the pending arrival of my financial aid check just around the corner, and given that I found it for a really good price, we've ordered
this one, which is supposed to fit in my pocket, and should afford more pictures of my general existence. I am excited, and I hope it gets here soon.

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