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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Reflections on the number three...

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So last night we went out to celebrate our three year anniversary... It was a week late since I spent our proper anniversary, August 9th, in So Cal, but as this is the first one we've actually gone out for, it was worth the wait. It's wierd to think that we've really been together this long, the time has passed by so quickly. We've accomplished so much, together, though, especially in the last year. This is the first year we've been living together full time, out on our own like a couple of real grownups. It's been new territory for both of us, but as always we've navigated it spectacularly...

Being home this last week, I thought a lot about my Aunt Fran, who was honestly the only person in my family who really understood me. If she were still alive, my wedding would be quite different, not so much in the planning, but on the actual day it would be really obvious. Her and my mom would have tossed back a few, and reminisced and laughed and pounded on tables and generally just been as rowdy and ill-behaved as me and my Chatham girls are when we get around a table together. And Aunt Fran would have pulled Fuzzy out on the dance floor for a dance, and she would have just loved him as much as I do, and she would have been thrilled to the ends of the earth that I found him. It would have been a meeting of the only two people who've understood me in such a wonderful and unselfish way.

I've always sort of cherished this image in my head, of Aunt Fran and Chris's mom getting together in heaven, tenting their fingers together a la Mr. Burns and guiding our internet wanderings on that fateful night. I never got to meet Chris's mom, so I guess I'll never really know, but I really hope she would have liked me, and I hope she would have known how much I love her son, and how badly I want to make him happy. He is the best man I have ever met in my entire life, and I'm not sure what I did to deserve him, but I will always do my best to be worthy of him.

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