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Thursday, July 28, 2005

day one: the modest bar crawl

So last night Anthony arrived and performed valliantly in battle with the new Swedish futon, but one can only brave the monster so well with plastic nails and inadequate sized holes for them to go into. He gave up around 8:30, and we headed down to good old Toby and Jacks, which was pretty empty and wouldn't honor my designated driver bracelet, so Anthony bought me a soda and we sat around, the boys taking in a fair few glasses of Great White. Once that pitcher was emptied, we mosied on up to the Alibi, where the did honor my bracelet, and as I downed a series of Shirly Temples, Fuzzy had himself a nice Guiness and Anthony had a double pine sol gin and tonic, and followed it up with a pomegranate cosmo, which was tasty. We also had some rather unhealthy, but very yummy, muchies while there, so yay Alibi. Anthony got tipsy and we took a sentimental voyage to WinCo. There was much giggling and questionable motor skills, and all in all, I had a real blast. I believe next time we're going to start at APD with some seriously good pizza, and proceed from there to a place of much imbibing. Woot.

As for the conversation, it went more like this:
Fuzzy: "Please come back up to Arcata. Seriously, life isn't worth living without you."
Anthony: "But I got that great job waiting for me. Seriously, I'm making enough so that, if I save up my money, I can afford to rent an entire parking space in Irvine."
Stacy: (innocently sips shirley temple)
Fuzzy: "But you must come back! You must! It is your destiny!"
Anthony: "But I can't until some job of mythical proportions opens up at my feet and draws me to it shimmering golden breast."
Stacy: (sips shirley temple)
Fuzzy: "Please come back? Please?"
Anthony: "But you don't understand. This job filing is so rewarding that it makes up for the fact that I'm living in an area where you have to be a doctor with a private practice just to afford a studio apartment."
Stacy: (smacks forehead)

Oh, and we (collectively) came to the conclusion that making $50,000 a year in Southern CA is about the equivalent of making $20,000 a year here. Just saying *cough*Patrick*coughcough*

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