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Tuesday, December 25, 2007 which she feels accomplished

So I did it! I made my very own drop spindle! We don't have a drill press, so the whorls didn't come out straight and I spent tons of time sanding them down to be more even, but I'm happy with the results and they spin well. This first one is 0.8 oz, and I've gotten some really fine stuff on it!

Here it is, getting into the Christmas spirit:

And here is spindle number two, at 0.85 oz, and still drying from its last coat of finish.

Here is an update on the turquoise alpaca/corriedale blend:

I've made a bastardized bobbin out of a tp roll, and its working very nicely. I'm not really that clever, I stole the idea from someone on Ravelry. My spinning is getting much finer and much, much more even. Hurrah! And yes, I call him the Bastard Bobbin for short.

And here is Fuzzy in his new Christmas hat!

And finally, here he is with Zelda in her sweater. She loves that damn thing, and she gets upset when we take it off. But in this picture, she just wants you to know that she will totally cut you, bitch.

Merry Christmas!

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At 8:53 PM, Blogger Meimur said...

Zelda is one fierce little kitty, bitch!


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