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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What, you thought I was done knitting?

Hahahahaha, silly you.  I cast on for Louisa, from French Girl Knits, the book I bought for my Satine sweater that can't be knit until I spin up all that alpaca. I can't wait to start knitting, though, and I found a ribbon yarn similar to the one recommended for Louisa (which was the other sweater in the book that I am majorly lusting after), so I cast on for it the other night.

Here is the yarn, it's Trendsetter's Love (which I suspect is discontinued, a) because I got it at Tuesday Morning, which is where I got the angora yarn for Liesl, and b) because I can't find it for sale anywhere online to link to.)  It doesn't look too promising in the ball, at least not for a sweater, because it's novelty yarn, and I thought maybe it would make a neat scarf, but holy shit the stitch definition is actually really good, so I went back for more to make Louisa out of.

I love the color scheme, it reminds me of working at Disneyland in New Orleans Square, and the color complexity is rich (and therefor hard to capture well in a photo.)  The pattern is working up quickly, probably because its on size 13s, so it looks like I've entered a trend with my knitting (big needles, big lace patterns.)  Don't mind, though, because these patterns are dreamy and I can't wait to see how the sweaters turn out.  Also, it's the closest thing to instant gratification you can get when knitting a sweater.  Woot woot.

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