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Sunday, February 21, 2010

So, it's uh... been a while.

So, yeah. There's a funny thing about major life changes, in particular the ending of a relationship like the one I had before. Life goes into major flux for a long time, and you start to feel like there are times when it's not appropriate to make yourself entirely public about them all the time. Maybe respect for the other persons feeling, maybe because you feel like you need a little time to hide and reinvent yourself a bit, or just to get your two feet back on the floor beneath you so that you can evaluate better what you want to say and who you even are anymore.

It's been more than a year now since Chris and I split, and I'm not going to go into detail at all, but it's getting to a point where I think we might be able to be friends one of these days. This has turned out to be important to me, which was surprising because I really thought I wouldn't be able to be his friend, and now I really want to. He still has the qualities that made me like him in the beginning, and it's not like he ever really did anything awful aside from the fact that we just didn't make one another happy. We should have only ever been friends, from day one. The stupid thing was thinking it should be more than that, but it was a mistake we both participated in, and you live and you learn. Point is, when the dust settles, I hope we can be friends or at least not growl when we think of one another. We don't talk much, but from when I *have* talked to him, it seems like he's moving on with his life, just as I've been moving on with mine, and he says that he's happy, which I wholeheartedly hope to be true.

And as for me, I'm in a relationship with a wonderful man who makes me very happy and is suited to me so well that I would scarcely have thought to imagine him. He loves doing crafty things together, going to debates together, discussing science together, all the nerd-tacular things that I love to do. We are great friends, but also ridiculously excited about one another. I am enjoying myself immensely, but I am mindful of the tendencies I have that tend to hurt others, and I am trying to master them (though I know this will be a life-long effort.) We've been together 9 months now, and I am happy.

In short, things are well with me. There are loads of things I could post about right now, but one post is enough at the moment.

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