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Thursday, June 20, 2002

Well, everyone keeps telling me to post, so I figure I should, to appease my friends and the people who hit this site every day.

I think this is mainly a me thing, but everything right now just seems so damn stagnant, no matter what I do. In some ways it's really nice to be home, I did miss my mom and my sister and my friends a lot when I was in PA. Then again, in some ways it feels like I never really left here at all. And the thing that keeps ringing in my head the loudest is just that I don't belong here... here as in southern California, here as in this house, here as in the US in general. I'd really love more than anything to be able to go to grad school in the UK, or even just go back to London for a month or more to really feel it out as more than a vacation spot. I guess because it's the only place I've ever felt a consistent feed of intellectual stimulation.

My health has improved by leaps and bounds. The treatment is doing it's job, which is most excellent, and even the anemia seems to be getting a lot better (despite my inability to take my iron pills with any semblance of regularity.) My energy level is so much better, in fact, that I've accepted a job with Bed Bath and Beyond (and so has M.E., incidently.) It'll be hard work helping to assemble the new store near my house, but I think I'm up to it, and hopefully it will even help a bit. At any rate, I go back to the dr. a week from this Friday, so hopefully things will continue to improve.

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