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Thursday, December 23, 2004

a title would imply some coherence...

so yeah... we go in on Monday to sign the paperwork and get the keys and do the walkthrough and all that fun stuff. I am simultaneously excited beyond belief and petrified out of my mind. We don't have nearly enough money to do this comfortably. We're paying the pet deposit later, which is fine in theory, except that we'll be trying to save up $600 disposable dollars while also paying rent and bills and the like, so it's a bit daunting. Cross your fingers that we get there on Monday and find out that all utilities are included, because THAT would be the effing miracle of the century. If not, I have $200 with which to get utilities turned on. At least the electricity and the gas. We don't really need a local phone, so we can still with the cell phones at least for a while. I don't know if I want to switch my cell over to the 707 area code or keep it 562 for the benefit of my friends and family back home. Any thoughts? Fuzzy's gonna switch his over. From what I've heard from friends, electricity and gas won't be terrible. One of my friends had a sizeable apartment in Eureka and said it was never more than $30-50 a month, which would be fine. We're also gonna get DSL, because, people, it just makes sense. So hopefully it won't be astronomically expensive. Chris's father is giving him $200 for xmas, which is going to buy us a queen size bed care of a thrift store. The mattress and box spring are new, even, so woot. After the cats come up I'll save up for a good mattress, or at least on things to make this one more comfortable. Heather, the friend of mine from up here in the 'boldt, is selling us her nice couch for $50, which is most excellent, especially seeing as the ones at the salvation army store were at least $125. Other pieces of furniture should also be coming our way shortly, if everyone still wants to get rid of the things they wanted to get rid of before. We haven't got any pots or pans yet, or any silverware, which will have to be remedied relatively quickly in the interest of being able to eat, but it has to wait until I can see if there will be anything left over after the utilities are arranged for.

I don't think it's really hit me yet that less than a week from now I will be moving into my own apartment. I've never lived in a place that was arguably mine, it's been home (where my grandmother ruled the insanity factory) or the dorms, which are bullshit anyway. It's a huge step, but somehow it hasn't sunken in yet, you know? Already the financial panic is gripping me, and I don't think I'll be quite able to relax until we've established a regular pattern of financial habbit. We're also both looking for second jobs, which will hopefully help alleviate the anxiety. At any rate, I'm dead tired even thinking about all this, and I'm so going to bed now...

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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

*dusts off blog a bit*

so, yeah....

* not starting grad school yet, since housing will charge me $1400 to break my housing contract if I remain a student next semester. but I shall start in the fall, oh yes, in the fall.

* Chris just got a job as a resident manager, which = job and apartment. so woot. woot to the extreme, even. soooo excited, like by a lot even.

* The deposit is going to be steep because they charge $200 per cat... ouch. BUT at least we have a place to move in to.

* We also have no furniture. doh!

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