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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

yesterday, I called Fuzzy on my lunch break, and he said those seven special words that achieved what I thought was impossible, which is to make me freak out about the wedding, and those seven special words were "there's a problem with the wedding date." y'all... I about reached through the phone to strangle that man. turns out his sister will be at the very end of school and might have exams to work in somewhere, and I hate this because she needs to be in the wedding, because she's really important family, and there would just be a huge hole there and all that, but he assures me that it's just a matter of how long she'll be able to be out here, so that made my heart attack stop just a little, but it still bums me out, because I really want her to be able to be involved in all of it, and share all the special parts with us, and this is turning into the biggest ever run-on sentense, so here's a period. hopefully we'll be able to work it all out so that she can spend a whole week out here with us, partying and decorating and doing touristy stuff and hanging out having a good time. so y'all cross your fingers for me, and for her and for Fuzzy, because this is one of those big things that I'm actually worried about, because it involves one of our important people. I don't even know if it's possible to change the date at this point, but hopefully it won't come to that, because my mom... my mom can be scary sometimes.

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Monday, June 27, 2005


worst. day. ever.

so, due to the fucktardery of SBC, we will now not have the internets until JULY 5TH!!!! *STACY SMASH!!!*

also, stuff sucks.

in an effort to look on the bright side of life, however, Fuzzy got me the desk I wanted (I hafta pay him back, of course, but I couldn't have gotten it without him and his mystical credit card powers.) It's all pretty and stuff. I just hope we can fit a futon in that room, it's lookin' pretty tight at the moment. it's a pretty desk too, all silver with glass for the top and all that. I wanted the glass because the room is a little small, and I didn't want a big, heavy-lookin piece of furniture to shrink it down. and I needed a big desk, because I've got my computer, but I'm also going to need a good space to read and study and do my homework. so it's a lovely L-shaped desk, and everything fits nicely, all I need now are some drawers.

last night I made butter chicken, and seriously, I never seem to remember exactly how good it is, because every time I make it I surprise myself again. the cats seem to like it too, because we've given up trying to prevent them from eating people food, and they seem happier and don't bug us any more than they used to anyway, so there. Franny doesn't really seem interested, usually, although she did enjoy the steak a few weeks ago. Zelda likes to taste things before she decides, and Pyewacket just dives in headfirst, as long as it smells like food, and I swear she will eat pretty much anything.

I need to get a venus fly trap for the office, because some little gnats hitched a ride on my sweet pea plant, and I don't want to spray any pesticides on it because that's grody, and also because the geckos live in there, and I've heard reptiles can be especially sensitive to those sorts of chemicals. plus I work in there, so I don't want to be exposed to it either. the sweet pea is blooming all over the place in various shades of pink. most of the flowers on my yellow calla lilies have shriveled up, but there's a new one just blooming, which makes me happy.

I talked to my mom, and she said they managed to relieve the swelling on my grandmother's brain, which is definitely good news, although I'm still waiting to hear what the specialist has to say.

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Friday, June 24, 2005

home sweet home

so, seriously? I'm really growing to love the new apartment, what with it's mostly roominess, and an actual hallway and the spare room and the solar tubes and the proliferation of windows (which our other place was sadly short on.) I unpacked a bunch of boxes of books yesterday, and we have tons, of course, but it's nice because it's going to be my little office room, and it may play host to lots of friends very soonishlike, which would make our apartment and it's people very happy. The geckos live in there, and so does the watercolor masterpiece Michelle made, and all our witchy stuff and books books books books books, and the closet is full of yarn, and did I mention books? Also, while unpacking, I found additional copies of books 2,3, and 4 of the Harry Potter series, which means I bought more than I needed to, but it's okay, because it's Harry Potter, and now more than one person can be reading them at once, at least 2-4. Not that Fuzzy's been reading them more than once, he doesn't even remember what a Death Eater is (OR the Dark Mark. *facepalm*.)

Oh! Some of my B&W photos are going to be displayed at Curves, which is very cool, and puts me in mind of my erstwhile photo business, and the idea of starting it up again. Anyone around here want portraits done? Y'know... just checking...

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

so. effing. useless.

so the move is over, no thanks to me, because me? not good with the manual labor and the lifting and the carrying and the getting things from cupboard to box. and seriously? the fact that Fuzzy still loves me is testament to the fact that I need to marry this man before he wises up and realizes what he's getting himself into. I feel like I got worked by the business end of a steam roller, and he so did like 10 times as much as I did, so I can only barely start to fathom how sore he must be. when I get home from work, I'm laying the smack down and forcing him to sit down and relax, and making him tea and bringing him otter pops.

also, while we were trying to sleep, people kept walking by the window talking in normal conversational voices in the middle of the night. hi, welcome back to the dorms Stacy, so glad you could make it back.

but, bonus, we get way better TV reception, so we can more fully enjoy all 6 stations. the DSL won't be turned on until at least Friday, so until then I have to live without the internets. and I don't even have Harry Potter to resort to... OH THE HUMANITY!!!!

and seriously? please don't steal my wheels, mysterious night-time people.

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Monday, June 20, 2005

the big move

Just saw the new apartment, and I can't help being a little disappointed. The apartment we're moving out of was nearly brand new, so everything was really nice, almost like it had never been lived in. This one is much older, so there are signs of age everywhere. We have a pink tub and toilet, the lighting in the master bedroom is insufficient, and the kitchen is tiny. Still, it is bigger, and we have room for our dining room table now, which is nice, plus the extra room will be a real plus and everything, so I guess it's not bad, just a bit of a shock. I'm sure I'll feel better about it when we're all moved in and all that.

Also, damn PBS for playing a really interesting episode of Mystery! at 1:30am and keeping me up until 3 in the morning. *yawn* Seriously, the nerve!

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Sunday, June 19, 2005


Today at the grocery store, the checker called us "Mr. and Mrs. Bressette".


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oh, fine!

So, to calm down the mamma, I had Fuzzy pick some flowers around our complex, and tried a couple things.

Hydrangeas are easy, because you put a few of them together and they make a nice, round, full bouquet with minimal fuss.

On this one I added a few things round the outside. I figure I'll go this route, but have more things round it, add a little lemon leaf for a more finished look.

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Saturday, June 18, 2005

the truth comes out

so it turns out that, since I refuse to stress out about this wedding, my mom's gonna be bridezilla for me. she just bit my head off because I haven't started experimenting with flowers yet, and I'm leaving everything till the last minute.

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Friday, June 17, 2005

Save the Date

The wedding will be on June 10, 2006, at 5pm, and we shall party until 10pm.

p.s. Phug: We did have a tsunami, apparently, and it was a whopping centemeter high.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005


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something else

Oh, and how about some pervert working at Sav*On has been hitting on my THIRTEEN YEAR OLD sister every time she goes in there. She's stopped going to this particular Sav*On, but seriously, if it happens again, I WILL drive the twelve hours down there just to lay the fucking smack down. SO. NOT. OKAY.

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pyewacket, wild beast of the serengetti

so, we had chicken for dinner, and there was a piece that was a bit tough for my tast, about bite-sized, so I left it on the plate. a little while later, I hear growling, and turn to see Pyewacket with it hanging out of her mouth, growling like a wild animal, staring around wildly as if to say "I dare you to try and take my chicken, bitch!"

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and now, for Phugster McPhugalot

Here's my tsunami warning story. Last night, our apartment gave a barely noticeable lurch and Chris looked at me and asked "is this an earthquake?" and I looked back at him and said "iono" and shrugged. Later, in the middle of a critical moment in House (which, by the way, ellicited way more bitching than the earthquake), the damned emergency broadcast system told us the tsunami warning was cancelled, which was just fine seeing as we hadn't heard of a tsunami warning to begin with, and judging by the feeling I thought the earthquake was about a 2.0. Then at work we got a bunch of calls, and I found out like 4 different towns were evacuated.

thats it.

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So, per Anthony's bitching, I will now make a post. I make no claims as to how good this post will be, because I don't know exactly what I'm going to write about yet, because not much ever really happens in my life. When stuff does happen, it's generally work related, which is a whole 'nother journal, one that I can't share with the general public.

We move next Tuesday, and I'm in that stage where you say to yourself "I don't have that much stuff, and most of it I need on a daily basis, so I'll just pack everything over the weekend." Now, experience dictates that I do, in fact, have a mountain range worth of crap to pack, since packing up my single dorm room took the better part of a week, and now we are in a 1 bedroom apartment, so I know I should be packing frantically already, but me? Still way delusional. I'll fit in well with the crowd down at good ole Crazyville Gardens.

So I just finished rereading books 1-5 of Harry Potter, since the new book is coming out soon, but seriously? That's still a month away, and now it's going to be even harder to wait. I've discovered that I become totally irate while I'm reading book 5, because I get so damn angry with certain characters and events that it's like I'm actually living them, and she does such a good job of capturing the irrationality of teenagerhood that I start feeling like one again, and I become this iritable, angry person. *sigh* And I'm torn over whether or not to get the special edition that comes with the extra illustrations and stuff. I know $42 is a lot for a book, but technically the real price is $60, so it's sort of a bargain, right? And it'll probably appreciate in value, right? right? I am such a dork. Any other HP fans out there who can identify with me on this? I also recently acquired the second two movies, so now we have all three. Woot.

I found Otter Pops at the grocery store last week, and Chris made fun of me because I was so damned excited about it, but I used to have them all the time when I was a kid, and I hadn't seen them for years. But now? Fuzzy is totally an Otter Pop addict. He won't admit it, of course, but seeing as he's been eating like 5 of them a day, and practically skips to the freezer for them, I'd say that's a dead giveaway. Anyone else remember Otter Pops from their childhood? It's strange how silly things like that can bring back a flood of memories, really, stuff I just never think about.

I'm actually kind of excited about the move, because now I'll be back in town and closer to school and work and my friends, etc etc. AND much closer to AP&D for phone in, take-out orders. woot.

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Monday, June 06, 2005

with the pain and the whining and the calls to mommy....

so, remember when I said it didn't hurt that bad? Well, shoot me in the face, because it's 3 days later and the hurting is still here and I'm really starting to think about things like a sledgehammer to the head, or maybe a nice, stiff drink to wash my ibuprofen down with. The really bad news is that the ibuprofen has started to not work, probably a result of me having been taking it for the last month when the tooth was bothering me before. So I tried tylenol (acetaminophen), and that didn't work, and the vicodin didn't work even, so I've been sucking on oragel and icing my face as much as possible, but can't really do much for it when I'm at work, and I'm very hurty right now :( Oh, and I would *love* to eat solid food again, I miss that one like crazy.

The art and music festival was okay, but I was in a lot of pain then, too, so I didn't really get to enjoy it too much. We didn't stay very long, but I did get two bumper stickers, one that says "Don't make me release the flying monkeys" and another that says "I haven't been the same since that house fell on my sister". I think they're funny, and Fuzzy vetoed any political stickers since they might endanger his employment if someone were to complain. Otherwise I'd have bought the one that said "If men could get pregnant abortion would be a sacrement."

After we got home, I picked up copies of the 5 Harry Potter books. I have the first four at home, but it would be just as expensive for my mom to send them as for me to buy them again, and now I have nice new copies that all match, which appeals to the pickiness in me. I've already read the first two and I'm on the third, which is a relief because the third is when they finally start getting really really good and gritty. The first two are good two, but the second is my least favorite of all of them, so I was mainly reading it to remind myself of the little details that I've forgotten. I'm really excited to read the fifth one again, mainly because I've only read it once since I got so pissed off at it the first time. I wonder if it's easier to read the first time, knowing that one teacher gets her comeuppance, or harder knowing who is going to die at the end? Guess I'll find out when I get to it.

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Friday, June 03, 2005

the god of oral surgery and hoooorah! an aventure!

So today I have two fewer teeth than I did yesterday morning. Yes, two. I went in there planning to have one lower wisdom tooth removed, and the oral surgeon took one look at the xray and told me that taking out only one of them would just make the problem worse and way more excrusciating. When I protested that one was all I could afford, he just waved that off and said "we'll figure that part out later." They strapped the gas thingy to my face, and I was off flying in some magical world, debating with myself about whether or not I was actually having teeth pulled or just dreaming about it, and about where the hell I actually was anyway, and why can't I feel my feet? For someone who has never actually done any drugs, it was a pretty wierd experience, and seriously, exactly like "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds". He had both teeth out within about 12 minutes, and I was off and giggling like a drunk little moron. Turns out that it didn't cost more than I had on me, partly because they waved the extra $50 since I was paying cash up front, which is just awesome. Seriously, I didn't realize how horrible the guy was who took out my other wisdom teeth until I had it done by a competant oral surgeon. It hurts a bit now, but the swelling went down after 2 hours, and it hasn't been unbearable at all. I'm even at work right now, and I'm a little uncomfortable, but it's not bad by any means.

And now, on to the adventure! There's a Summer Arts and Music Festival this weekend a little ways down from us (like and hour and a half, maybe), and it sounds really cool because there are like 50 bands playing, and tons of artisans and craft merchants and food and frolicking and naked babies running around barefoot and people on stilts and redwood trees and Benbow lake, and it just sounds like a big day of good fun. Anyone up here want to go along? I am so excited! As stated in my last post, I've been really bored and in need of adventures, and I think this will totally fit the bill. Plus its just $7 for one day, or $12 if you go for both days, but since I don't think we want to make the drive both days I think we'll only go for tomorrow. Sooo excited. This is so what I need right now. And theres like a bunch of people I wish were here to go with us, but y'all are far away, and why aren't you here again?

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