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Monday, March 27, 2006

a (brief) photo essay on the essense of suck.

I spent $30 on this humidifier. It only made my breathing worse.

But at least it's pretty.

WTF? Why am I so pale? I've always been really white, but come on, I have rosacea for crying out loud. See red in my face? Okay, maybe a smidgen, but usually my whole face looks really rosey. I'm not complaining, I pretty much hate it, but this is really alarming.

Ugh. tired, going to bed now.

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health update

so the xray was clear and the steroids are helping a lot. still using the inhaler, though, so it's prolly a combo of both. Doc said it's probably an asthma flareup, could be caused by anything or a combination of things. only have enough prednisone for 5 days, so I guess we'll see what happens then. might need long term management, not sure. would prolly be good to have, especially since I'll be wearing a corset at the wedding *facepalm*

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health crisis, part II

So I go in for an chest xray soon, but when I went back to the dr. today, they prescribed me with steroids. effing steroids for crying out loud. this is officially not funny anymore.

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Sunday, March 26, 2006


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Saturday, March 25, 2006

recent search engine queries...

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wtf... pictures of mullets? I could post a wedding pic of my cousin if y'all need a mullet pic that bad ;)

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I'm still here... sorta.

Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been a wee litte bit busy lately... you know, between school and the wedding. Here's a bit of whats been going on with me:

* Went home for spring break. Didn't tell anyone, really, because I had too much to get done to really do anything recreational. Studied some, got a perm, furthered the wedding plans, etc etc.

* Been feeling pretty crappy lately, in the I-can't-effing-breathe sort of way. Went to the Dr, who couldn't figure out for sure whats wrong with me. My favorite phrase from the adventure? "Well, if you don't have significant pain anywhere its probably not a blood clot." Uhrm... 'scuse me? Probably?!? Yeah, didn't make me feel real secure. So he gave me an inhaler to use and said if it's not better by monday to come in again and have a chest x-ray. Perfect, just what I need right now is some stupid health crisis. Cause there just wasn't enough going on in my life *sigh*. I think I'm feeling a little better today though, so cross your fingers for me.

* The Mamma and Amie are coming up to visit soon! Mamma is working on my dress, so she wants to fit it on me some and go shopping for shoes (and by shoes, I mean comfortable shoes, there ain't no way I'm wearing fancy shoes under a dress that goes to the floor, dammit.) Chris should consider himself lucky if he goes for the garter and I'm not wearing
these. Really lucky, actually, those buggers are comfortable.

* More midterms coming up in a little over a week.

* Holy shit, my friends have started purchasing tickets!!!! Eeeeeeeeee! Even just for getting to have all my favorite people around me, getting married was the best idea I ever had. But bonus for getting to marry the most amazing guy ever... I wish I could clone him, or maybe find some sort of laser that would allow me to duplicate his personality in other people. I would make Fuzzy's for all of my friends, and then they wouldn't have to go through any stupid shit with other guys or girls and we could all live happily ever after :) How 'bout it, science?

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I think I'll make myself a cap from your right buttocks cheek...

So the WendyandDave visit was awesome. Like totally, awesomely awesome. Here is a brief list of what we did in the two days they were here:

* Bought kazoos. And played them. While listening to Billy Idols Greatest Hits.

* Took Dave on a brief visit to Endor (I got bitch-slapped by a flying branch because it was just a leetle windy out.)

* Went to Big Blue Cafe. best. breakfast. ever.

* Made homemade pizza at Dianeland.

* Went in the hot tub at Dianeland.

* Nearly inflicted grievous bodily harm of the canine persuasion. (Wendy, is Dave making the noise? I hope he is.)

* Hung out with Diane the Magnificent and Princess Erin at the brewery.

* Played pool, also at the brewery.

* Played with lightsabers.

* Played Candyland.

* Laughed. A lot.

* Wendy learned to knit! Ha! I popped your knitting cherry!

* We tried to convince Dave to move to Northern CA.

* And maybe went a little overboard... (sorry, Dave... I hope you're touched by my enthusiasm and not feeling guilty.)

All in all it was a great weekend... which made getting back into the daily grind a bit depressing... Of course I got my test back hours after they'd left, and it was so awful I don't want to talk about it... and then Fuzzy almost killed us by baking tupperware in the oven *sigh*. I'm starting to feel like the punchline.

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this is awesome.

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Thursday, March 02, 2006

In which she blogs about something less geeky than Chem Lab...

This weekend the Wendylady and Dave are coming for a visit. There will be giggling and high-pitched noises and lots of pounding and laughing no doubt. I am looking forward to this. We are also pet-sitting for Diane the Magnificent because she is taking Erin to some Competition d'Awesomeness in which Erin shall surely rock mightily. We get to hang out at Dianeland if we want, which is good, because Fuzzy won't let us have light saber duels at Crazyville Gardens. He is afraid it might encourage an insurrection of our crazy ass tenants. So we shall dork out at Dianeland. And maybe follow it up with a dip in ze hot tub. Schweet. We will also be taking a trip up to where Endor was created, because I hear tell Dave is a big ol' Star Wars junkie. I know how to impress Star Wars Junkies, woo woo. There will be fun zis weekend, indeed.

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recovery begins

So after bombing my Chem 110 test spectacularly (though I haven't gotten it back yet, so who knows), my confidence has been a wee bit shaken in that class. In lab, we've still been working on qualitative analysis, given different mystery solutions known to contain different categories of ions that we have to separate and identify. My first analysis, like I said on hear a few weeks ago, was spot on, so that was cool. My second one went a wee bit awry, but I still got 2 out of the three ions, and my score was solid, so that was okay. This last one I nearly botched brilliantly when I poured most of the precipitate (solid) I needed to do the rest of the tests. I had a wee bit of it still in the tube when I realized what a boneheaded thing I'd just done. When I continued on with the tests, I wasn't getting a single positive result, and I gradually became convinced that I'd cocked it up to the point where I'd have to guess. The analysis was due today, so I couldn't go back and take my time like I would have liked. I started to run a parallel test, but my nerves were so shot that I ended up spilling the boiling solution all over the place (fortunately not on anyone). I felt like figure skaters must feel when they've botched their first big jump, and then they go on to fall on every jump thereafter. So I continued with my first, somewhat shady, analysis. The only positive I got was for the very last ion, Antimony. Turns out it was right, that was the only ion I had, and I got full points. Thank you, Potions Gnomes, for looking after me.

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