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Friday, May 30, 2008


Amie's brother is hanging on, and he's awake now so everyone can at least talk to him. The Dr's are still not optimistic, but even the fact that he's awake is miraculous, and he's pulled through so much before that I can't help but feel like he might still make it through this. Please, if you can or feel so inclined, pray for him, or send him good mojo, or whatever it is you do. I would really appreciate it.

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

ok, this isn't funny anymore....

Not that it ever was, but I would really love it if life would stop picking on my little sister. I've been having a pretty shitty couple of years, but I'd rather deal with things myself than to see her having such a hard time. It was only a week and a half ago that one of her good friends died in a car accident, but now her big brother is in the hospital, and it doesn't look good at all... He's always been in ill health, but he's pulled through so many times, and when that happens you start to feel like they just might pull through anything, but he's on life support right now, and the drs aren't holding out much hope.

The worst thing is just knowing she's out there, grieving and having a hard time, and I can't do anything at all. I can't even give her a hug :(

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Did somebody say road trip?

So Mr. Fuzz and I will be heading out for the east, most likely in the first few days of July, it seems, and we would like to have a third person to help with the driving and also to help keep us from killing one another. Please let me know if you are interested, there will be lots of singing, probably some Rent and some Flogging Molly, and hopefully we'll have time to partake of a few cheesy touristy things along the way.

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Dear Meatheads Across the Street,

Congratulations on finishing the school year. I'm sure your family is very proud. Sure, you're not exactly deans list material, but hey, D's make degrees, right? Now, would you please stop grunting like a bunch of wild animals, throwing beer kegs and random large pieces of furniture around, and just generally filling my apartment with the sounds of rampant dumbassery? It would be sincerely appreciated, especially since I've been patiently dealing with you for THREE FUCKING DAYS NOW!!!!

fuck off,
the lady across the street.

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Dear Conservative Californians,

Stop bitching about the "courts overturning the will of the people." This situation is EXACTLY why there are checks and balances in our government, so that a tyranical majority can't squash the rights of other people just because there are more of you than there are of them. If not, white people wouldn't be able to marry black people and we'd probably still have slaves. So get the fark over it. Nobody likes a sore loser.


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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


So I didn't have the surgery last week, but I had it today, and IT. IS. OVER. The nails are completely gone, and the Dr. phenoled the hell out of the nail bed, and he's optimistic that this will take care of the problem. If not, I'll have to go full surgical where they physically cut the nail bed out. Painful, so lets hope we don't have to go there. They are soaking right now, and so far so good. I'm not sure if the meds have worn off or not, I suspect not but it has been about 9 hours, so who knows. The sides still feel numb, so I think it's just got some real staying power. For reference, my shot of choice is marcaine, BECAUSE it works so long. Same feeling going in, much more relief for the buck!

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Monday, May 12, 2008

why I'm voting for Obama

his voting and senate record. When the campaigns get to the bullshit level, you can always tell what someones about by looking at what priorities they've demonstrated in the past.

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Monday, May 05, 2008


So tomorrow, in the early afternoon, I go to the podiatrist to have foot surgery, again. I have had big toenails removed twice at the health center, where I knew it would not be permanent (but it was free), and then once, last summer, before Costa Rica and the utter implosion of my entire life, I had them both removed in what was supposed to be a permanent solution to an inherited problem. They removed both sides of each nail, leaving a narrow strip up the center, then killed both sides of the nail bed with a chemical called phenol. The podiatrist took of "extra" so that we could "eliminate" the chances of them coming back. They still grew back.

I have tried, with many people and on many occasions, to explain exactly what I go through with my feet. I am 28 years old, and I have had severe foot pain for the last 10 years of my life. It has prevented me from doing a great many things, from being more active in a general sense to walking places with my friends. I've endured hundreds of scornful looks from people I care about, because it's hard to believe that someone my age could be this infirm and immobile, and it's easier to just think me lazy.

It started out as just excruciating pain in the big toes, where the nail is ingrown. If you've never had one before, its kind of like having tiny knives on both sides of your toenail that slowly cut down into your skin. Every time you move, the knives move too, inflaming the skin around your toenails. They get infected very easily, and antibiotics only clear it up for a few days because, barring removal of the nail, the wound cannot heal. Slowly, the continual infection has led to a lot of generalized foot pain. As I sit on the couch at night watching TV, I will all of a sudden feel pain like someone stabbing a fork into the bottom of the ball of my feet, or the bottom of my feet burn a lot like I am walking across hot coals. I feared it was permanent, and I can't tell you in words what the dread of that felt like, the idea that I would never be able to go a day without this pain. Then I tried the antibiotics, and the pain cleared up a lot. That gave me the hope to go through with this again.

So tomorrow, in the early afternoon, I will have them cut out entirely, the whole nail, on both toes, and I don't care what the damn doctor has to do to the nail bed, but this needs to be the last time. I can't bear the thought of waking up one morning and finding them growing back again. I would probably lose my ever loving mind. So pray for me, if that is what you do, or at least will me the mental strength to deal with this again. The worst part is the injections into the toe. Once that part is over, the rest isn't so bad, it's the recovery that worries me.

Behind this like are pictures, but if reading this post has been uncomfortable, you should probably *not* look.


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