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Saturday, April 30, 2005


My sister was in a wedding tonight. She wasn't supposed to be in the wedding tonight, but since her other sister is pregnant and couldn't fit into the dress she was supposed to wear, and my mom agreed to alter the dress to fit my sister, my sister took her place. The shoes they had ordered didn't fit. In fact they were two sizes too small. So after talking to the mother of the groom, my mom and I went to every effing store in the mall trying to find shoes that were similar enough. We found shoes that were very close, minus some rhinestones, so my mom got them and then added rhinestones to the shoes to make them match better. Now, my mom frequently adds rhinestones to things for dance competitions and lots of other things, so it's not like Aunt Ethel went crazy with the bedazzler or anything, they looked just fine. The bride, however, threw a fit because they weren't exactly the same as the shoes the other girls were wearing, so my sister had to spend the entire effing ceremony wearing shoes that were TWO EFFING SIZES too small for her. If it had been me, I think I would have bludgeoned her with the shoes.

So it got me thinking. If I ever go into a mode like that, someone please effing shoot me, because I obviously don't have the sanity to be embarking on a life-long relationship. And here, for your approval, I submit my Contract for my Wedding Attendants.

For All attendants, I expect you to:
*attend my wedding, wearing the respective garments me and Fuzzy have chosen.
*have bathed in recent memory
*be reasonably well groomed
*have a good time and relax, for crying out loud

I promise you:
*I will not try to micromanage every aspect of your attire and appearance
*You can choose your own goddamned shoes, goddamnit. My only guidelines are that they be black, and for the girls, sandals. Trust me, May/June in Southern California, and you will enjoy the fact that you're wearing sandals. They can have any size heel you want, and I don't care if you take them off the second the ceremony is over, because I will be doing the same thing.
*You can wear your hair however the hell you want (with the possible exception of dreadlocks.)
*I will do my very best to make this as fun and as inexpensive an experience as possible. My mom is making all the dresses, which will save everyone around $100 a piece. Most of you will be having to make expensive travel arrangements, so I hope this helps a bit.

Other random things I am tentatively planning, just food for thought:
*bachelorette party at Disneyland. several of you are underage, and seriously, I've seen male strippers, they are NASTY, AND most of you have never been. Anyone can come, including the groom and his guys. atypical, maybe, but seriously, what can be better than a huge unruly mob invading Disneyland?
*I'm doing the flowers myself, and I'm thinking that all of the ladies can put together they're own bouquet, if you want to. If not, I'll put one together for you.
*Chatham reunion at the Yard House. Lots of booze and silly hats, and lets not forget the obnoxious laughs and table pounding. Woot.

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the flea

So, for those of you who are not English majors, there's an English poet named John Donne, who wrote a poem called "The Flea." It's not what most people would expect from a poet of Donne's generation, but basically the poem is the narrator trying to talk the target of the poem into shagging him. His logic goes something like this: a flea bit you, and then me, and so our blood is mixed in the flea, which is sort like marriage anyway, so we might as well do it.

I was talking to my mom earlier today, and she was telling me about how Mike was starting in with his "awww, look how beautiful Amie is. Do you know why she's beautiful? Because she's made of both of us..." This may sound cheesy at first glance, but mix Donne's element with a dash of leisure suit larry and a liberal drownding of Italian smarminess (and no, that is not an insult to Italians, my sister is Italian, but this man is really the ultimate in flesh-crawl-inducing Italian male steriotype), and you have a truly revolting scenario. He says these things when he's trying to get back in my mom's good graces, or, more explicitly, back in her pants. This time, my mom cut him off after the "You know why she's beautiful?" part, and interjected with "Because she looks just like me." Yay mom.

Also, my new pet peeve is people who apparently can't tell the difference between a two-way stop and a four-way stop. I just love it when some fricking nimrod pulls out in front of me seconds before I get there and I DON'T HAVE A STOPSIGN. I especially love it when said dickwad STOPS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAMNED INTERSECTION. *grumblegrumblegrumblegrumble*

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Friday, April 29, 2005

home from home

Late last night I got home from Southern California. The bus trip was long and brutal, and I kind of feel like it ran over me rather than driving me back home, but I'm trying to recover as quickly as possible so I can go back to work tomorrow. One of my wisdom teeth is killing me, but fortunately my Uncle Gary is going to give me the money to have it taken out. He's the uncle who's always looked after me, my moms brother, not the one I mentioned, briefly, the last time I got back from so cal.

The funeral service was nice, the biggest and most involved funeral I've ever been to. I sang "Bridge Over Troubled Water", and spent the whole time shaking and trying not to lose it. At the end, in the last verse, the one that seemed more appropriate to me than the other two, I just kind of closed my eyes and sang just for her. Even though there was a guy singing with musical acompaniment and people reading things, I was the only one people clapped for, and it kind of makes me sad. I wanted it to be just for her, just about her, but everyone kept mentioning it to me, when they came by the family row they told me I did a beautiful job and then told me they were sorry for my loss. I just wanted to sing for her, not steal the spotlight or showcase myself. At the end, at the graveside, I sat by my dad and held his hand while he cried. I think I'm the only one who noticed him crying, and I wanted to tell him so many things. It means so much to me that he went to see her in the hospital when she was still with us, and that he came through for my aunt, to help her make the arrangements and everything. It meant a lot to me, too, to see him cry at the funeral. It's only the second time I've ever seen him cry, but it's beautiful to me, because he hardly shows his emotions at all sometimes, and although I've learned to see the little ways he does, it was soul refreshing to see how much he really did love her and share that moment with him. After the service, we all went to a gathering hosted by a friend of my aunt. It was the first time so many people from my family were all together in the same place, from my moms side and my dads, people who haven't seen each other in decades...
(click for larger photos)

(this isn't even the whole group...)

me, my mom, and my sister Amie

me and Amie

I took one of the plants someone sent for the service home so that I could have something to remember her, something that will grow and live. It was a pain in the ass to drag it back up here on the two busses and a train, and we had to be sneaky, my lily plant and I, so it travelled in disguise, wrapped in a trash bag and another plastic bag from a department store. Now that it's home, I unwrapped it, put a little dr. earth into the top of the soil, and gave it a good watering. It now sits on my back porch with my other plants. It's just beautiful, and I know it will do well here, since the things grow wild all over humboldt county.

I got to hang out with my friend Kester, who I always have great conversations with, and this time was no different. We spent hours talking about everything from religion to relationships to philosophy. It's strange how talking about things can make your thoughts more lucid, and I came away from it feeling luckier than ever, and more blessed than ever to have Fuzzy in my life. I feel like it's the fulfillment of my old prediction, that when you meet the right person you see them, not so much as they are, but as the person they have the potential to become. I think about how much both of us have grown in the last two and a half years, and how much more comfortable I am with myself and with my life, and I realized that it's almost all due to him. He's made me want to become a better person, and then helped me make progress on those goals. I believe I am the luckiest person I have ever known, to be here, living this life, living with him, loving him, and growing as a person because he believes in me. I hope I will always have the strength and self-control to be the person he sees in me.

I've been knitting more again, though I've been naughty and started a new project before I've even made a dent in the old ones. *sigh* Sometimes I have to do that, though, to regain my motivation. I'm making the branching out scarf from this seasons knitty. It's knitting up nicely, though I did have to frog it once when I mysteriously ended up with fewer stitches than I was supposed to have. I'm using Red Heart's Symphony, which is turning out nice and soft, though obviously will be very warm. I'm a little disappointed that the lace pattern isn't that easy to see because the yarn is fluffy, and it makes it hard, sometimes, to see the stitches clearly on the needle, but I figure if I finish this and it turns out well, it'll be easy to make the next one because I'll pick easier yarn to work with. Here are some pics:

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Thursday, April 21, 2005


So yesterday was definitely interesting. It was April 20th, and, as many of you know, I live very near the marijuana capital of the northern hemisphere. I'm sure people in other places smoke out in celebration of the date, but here, it's a whole different beast. Here, it's something on par with the fourth of July or new years eve. Parking was an absolute nightmare, and you could go up and down the streets and see a good portion of the cars brandishing tickets. Great masses of the mangy unwashed were literally just heading for the trees, and strange vehicles leaking smoke kept secreting dreadlocked heads, bare feet, and naked babies.

In the Bio 104 classroom, I always had the same seat, and someone had written hippies=hypocrites on the back of one of the seats in front of me. This is most definitely true of most of them, seeing as how these people are environmentalists the other 364 days out of the year, but on 4/20 they have no qualms whatsoever with wandering into the forest, tearing up flowers and plants, leaving their garbage behind, and just generally leaving destruction in their wakes. It's all bullshit, really, just people trying to fit in, only instead of doc martens and eyeliner, the must-have item is a cause. Well, a cause and billowing clothing.

I leave tomorrow for the funeral, which entails me spending 18 hours on busses and trains. I'm glad to be going, and I'm supposed to see friends I haven't seen in a while and all that, but I just kind of feel drained, or like a balloon after all the airs been let out of it. I have a lot to do today before I go, so I probably won't be able to relax too much, but it wouldn't help anyway. It's going to be hot at home, and seeing as it was in the 70's here yesterday and I was miserable, that's going to suck hard. But hey, at least there's the mexican food.

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Sunday, April 17, 2005

another pic of the little ones

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Today was sunny, so I coerced Fuzzy into going out to take some photos of our general area (say within 5 minutes of where we live)...

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and now, a redesign

It's not the best design I've ever done, by any stretch of the imagination, but it's the fastest, lol... this one took me like 15 minutes, so not bad really, I guess. I like the new preview feature in Blogger's template editing page, lets you tweak things as you go to see how they'll look. The picture on top is one I took recently of the new jizz-worthy camera. Yay extreme closeups, thats only like a smidgen of the original image.

I'm holding up okay, Houdini is doing well, and we're all procrastinating this weekends impending cleaning spree. All in all things are okay, but what this place really needs is a Chatham reunion. c'mon girls, what do you think?

this, by the way, is the original photo.

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Saturday, April 16, 2005

our new baby, Houdini

we adopted her because she wasn't doing very well at Petco and needed some TLC. also my grandma died yesterday, and it's cheering me up a bit to have some new life to care for, especially one that needed rescuing. I guess thats part of my pathology, eh? she's doing well in the tank with Sapphy, who, by the way, ate 6 wax worms last night!! she goes from not eating much to gluttony in one day. I'm going to try and make it home for the funeral, if my employers are okay with it, which I'm pretty sure they will be. I'm holding up okay, just taking it one day at a time and trying not to think about it too much.

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cutest. pictures. ever.

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Sunday, April 10, 2005

our apartment

messy ass livingroom

messy ass kitchen

messy ass bedroom

messy ass bathroom


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Saturday, April 09, 2005

my ring

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Friday, April 08, 2005

picturey goodness :)

Zeldarelly, all growed-up :)

porno Pyepye =O (kitty porn)

it's our little Sapphy :)

cutest. picture. ever.

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Sunday, April 03, 2005

yay gardening

So Fuzzy got me a potted flower plant for easter, and it's turned me into a gardening fiend. That first one prompted me to go get a nice pot for it to replace the ugly plastic one it came in, and in the process I fell in love with our local nursery. That first one, a purple Linaria/Baby Snapdragon, is thriving in it's new home, so on Saturday I went in to look around, because they're having a big sale, and I put together a hanging basket with Violas and Alyssum and some other taller white flower that I can't remember the name of. That one seems to be doing well too, and on Saturday while I was there I saw a Bleeding Heart that is just lovely, so I went back today and got it, as well as a pot for it. So yeah, I've gone a bit garden crazy. Also, one of our neighbors just gave us a big huge bucket with a sunflower plant in it. It's not terribly tall yet, but it's growing well. It's nice being up here, because it's been raining enough that I don't have to water them too much, but there's been enough sunny time so that they're getting plenty of light.

I will take pictures when the new camera gets here.

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