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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Monday - survived, barely... but holy shit there were 61 people signed in for the SI session (though eye-witness estimates reach to about 75 people actually there.)

Tuesday - went okay, relaxed, not too bad but I'm sick and really tired

tomorrow and thursday: finish papers, then I'm done

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Thursday, May 06, 2004

Oh, and did I mention the ludicrous amount of tutoring I have to do? Just for example, lets take Monday of finals week:

8-10 am: Photography Final
10-12 noon: History Final
1-5 pm: Tutoring (Bio 104)
5-7 pm: Last SI session (Bio 104)
7-8 pm: Tutoring (Bio 104)


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moved to the top for my convenience

for classes:
* Photo project 1: 8 prints, mounted and spotted (due 1 week from Monday)
* Photo final project: 20 slides, sequenced to music (it's ready!!!)
* Amer. Lit. paper 1: 4-5 pages on Grapes of Wrath and Under the Feet of Jesus
* Amer. Lit. paper 2: 4-5 pages on a play by Sam Shepard and Parable of the Sower (due Thursday, May 13 of Finals Week)
* Read Parable of the Sower
* Riff on Bearheart and Last of the Mohicans for post-colonial lit. (due Monday night)
* Post-Colonial Lit paper: 7-10 pages on Last of the Mohicans and Shakespeare's The Tempest (due when I decide it's due: Thursday, May 13)
* Class "take-over" for Post-Colonial Lit on Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now (April 27)
* various readings for quizes and in-class essays for History (spread out):
   read The Things They Carried
   in class essay on The Things They Carried (April 28)
   Women, Race, and Gender
   in class quiz on Women, Race, and Gender (May 5)
* Study for final exam in History (Monday, May 10, finals week)

* write abstract for senior project
* get mounting board & mounting tissue for photo project
* get slides developed & shoot more slides
* address and mail approx. 40 graduation announcements (about 27 mostly ready - some with Dr. Seuss stamps, tee hee)
* go find something decent to wear for graduation
* make new worksheet(s) for SI
* pack up all my crap in preparation for moving (got a good start going already)

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Tuesday, May 04, 2004


the picture I chose for my grad announcements:

the picture I was tempted to choose for my grad announcements:

or perhaps this one:

these were other possibilities:

=O it's a stealth Anthony!

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Sunday, May 02, 2004

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