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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

I don't know what's wrong with me, but I've been having a shit load of trouble sleeping lately, or at least getting to sleep. I just seem to lay there, worrying about stupid things like mad cow and a whole lot of apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic shit. It's like the minute I lay down I detatch from my actual life and start visualizing a nightmare version of the world and every happy thought or goal is just a million miles away. It takes serious effort for me to remember my own life and my own world and the fact that when I wake up tomorrow I'll go to class and talk to friends and tutor and call fuzzy and that in 2 weeks, I'm going home for the summer. The worst part is that I dont know where this is all coming from. I just want to sleep.

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Sunday, April 25, 2004


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Saturday, April 24, 2004

yay retail therapy

today, for $70 I scored the following:
1 nice, pretty outfit for graduation, consisting of skirt and blouse thingy
1 nice knit top
2 pairs of pants (nice ones too, comfy and cute, and one pair was $2.50)
4 nice, flattering denim skirts (verrrrrry comfy)

so I now have a bunch of new stuff that doesn't make me feel frumpy. woot. totally getting rid of a lot of old shit now. that makes me mui happy.

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Thursday, April 22, 2004

some pictures

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Friday, April 16, 2004

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Monday, April 12, 2004

me = tired, but I figure I should update anyway, so here goes nothin'....

* Me & Anthony mosied on down to San Francisco this weekend, me to visit the Steevie and him to visit his friends from high school. It was fun and all, but I have no desire to ever drive in SF again. Also, Steevie's friend Janelle is very very awesome, the game Hillarium is true to it's name but a bit too much excitement for me, I am really good and finding easter eggs, and I've rediscovered why I normally don't do a whole lot during the weekends. It was a total blast because I always always have fun with the Steevie, but I am so tired right now that I have my eyelids propped open with toothpicks and I'm really asleep anyway.

* I am so getting a new lens for my camera, a cool Macro lens (which lets you take uber close-ups of things you can't get with a normal lens.) I am way way excited about this because I have always wanted one. I will post pics when I take them and stuff, once the lens gets here and all that stuff.

* As of today, Monday, April 12, there are 32 days left until the whole family + Fuzzy + Rod + Steve + Patrick come up here to see me graduate. I wasn't uber-excited about the graduation part until this morning when my friend Jess who is super awesome told me she wants us to sit together =D She is one of the best people I've ever met, so I am totally honored. Still totally jazzed about my people coming up here. The time away from home is, as y'all know, really gruelling and lonely for me, plus I've never had everyone actually up here with me, so it will be fun, even though very brief.

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Monday, April 05, 2004


so, yeah... I'd post more, except that nothing ever happens up here worth writing about...

* I hate it when you know something awesome is not actually going to happen, and so you try your hardest not to get your hopes up because if it hasn't happened by now when the fuck is going to happen already, and then it doesn't happen and you realize you got your hopes up anyway and it's this total soul sucking agonizingly depressing feeling. that really sucks.

* there are 40 days left until mi famiglia gets here. I totally know how noah must have felt, because he must have been way bored and anxious on that ark. at least he had his people around though. I feel like I gave up companionship for lent or something. I didn't think it was possible, but it really feels more like 40 years.

* so, to my peoples... if you want copies of the pictures I've posted, let me know what size and how many (within reason) and I will print them up for you. if'n anyone is interested in buying copies, let me know 'bout that too.

* there is one thing that I'm really excited about, and that is that I ordered an
underwater camera today. I need it for sumfink I wanna do for my next photo project. I can't wait until it gets here.

and in conclusion, pfeh.

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