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Saturday, May 31, 2003

so as I type this, I'm using my brand effing new laptop, woot woot! I. Love. It.

summers going okay, my first class (American Government) starts on Monday, not really thrilled about it, but hey, at least it's something to do.

volunteering is going okay, should find out soon if I get to be an aquarist or if I get to do something else, hopefully its the first.

y'all should see the new comp, it's really pretty with lots of little blue lights on the keyboard/mousethingy part... I like it... oooooh, shiiiiiiiiny.... *purrrrrrrrs*

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Saturday, May 24, 2003

so I just got my grades.

and I missed a fucking 4.0 by 0.08 points.... fucking point zero eight points.

*kicks stuff*

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Friday, May 23, 2003

so I'm still alive, things are okay.

training is going well. did you know sea cucumbers breathe through their anus and can eviscerate most of their internal organs if needed, to regrow them later? did you know sea urchins have little pentagonal shaped mouths with five sharp, pointy teeth, and the whole thing is called Aristotle's Lantern?

register for classes on tuesday, hope to get into the ones I need. Lupe at FC said I don't have to take any placement exams and will be able to register for Chem 107, woot woot. I have her number in case it doesn't work right.

look at buy a laptop. Anyone heart of P3 Direct? Any input on this would be appreciated, especially since if I get it it has to be before the 30th of May.

going to ren faire. hope I survive, it's going to be hot and I have a tendency to get sick in hot weather. can't buy any swords or play things because of aforementioned possible laptop purchase and aforementioned registration for classes. oh well, maybe next year.

me = broke no matter what, so if anyone needs portraits shot or a website built, let me know.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2003

training went fantabulously... I got to play with echinoderms, woot woot, and see a sea star pulling a mussel apart... looks like I'll get to work it as an aquarist volunteer, which is excellent. plus the head aquarist guy said he sometimes takes volunteers out to do collecting on the bay, so that would be uber cool. also, it's like right on the beach, so if I get breaks, woot woot, know where I'll be.

going to go to the JC once I pick up the sister unit. hopefully they won't be stupid.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2003

home now, things are going okay, my family is starting to get on my nerves, but then what else is new?

I start my training tonight for the ODC, and I'm very excited about it.

have to go to the JC tomorrow to figure some things out, like if they're going to make me take the placement exams (uhm, hello? I'm going to be a senior, I think making me take placement exams, especially for English, would be a little silly, no?.) I should get to register before too long, but I'll be much much happier once it is all taken care of.

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Thursday, May 15, 2003

done with work. close to done with packing.

almost time to leave, maybe a few more hours tops, will be in Berkeley by the wee hours of Friday morning.

tired, worn out, exhausted, impatient.

oh yeah, and I love my boyfriend to the ends of the Earth.

and I can't wait to hug my sister.

that is all for now.

later, yo.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2003

domain name just expired officially, meaning it won't be long before the URL won't work, so here's the real URL for this site:

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Tuesday, May 13, 2003

so things are progressing okay:

I'm approaching 5 pages on the 10 page paper that is due tomorrow. This is all crap, though, so once I finish writing what I want to get in, adding quotes, and filling things up a bit, I'll have no troubles getting it to the length it needs to be.

took my bio final, and I'm pretty sure I aced it. not real worried as I'd have to fuck up pretty bad not to get an A in the class, but wish me luck anyway because at this point nothing would surprise me.

sold my book at book buyback, and got $33.25 for that one effing book, which is more than I got for all my other books combined (of course, I haven't tried selling the novels back, which I still might do, at least with a few of them. most of them I like though, so I think I may just keep those. especially since I get a paycheck on thursday, woot.) did I hear someone say eros? god, I have such a hard-on for that yarn... can't wait can't wait can't wait.

so yeah, time to go back to working on my paper. really I'm not doing so bad seeing as it's only 12:30 and the paper isn't due until tomorrow by 4:30. I may have to go home in a little bit and take a nap though, but that's not gonna happen until I squeeze some more pages out. then I'll nap, and hopefully get to editing and fleshing out in a little more of a coherant condition than I am in currently. Or something. Yeah.

Is it July 28th yet? Who let domesticity and nesting syndrome in here? I gotta get out of this women's mag.

so I got my eros, and it's the one in the middle... but it's prettier in person, it looks like mardi-gras...

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Sunday, May 11, 2003

Your ideal mate is Nightcrawler. His appearance
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anyone surprised? no? yeah, me neither...

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Saturday, May 10, 2003

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Friday, May 09, 2003

oh yeah, and Wendy = ultracool for remembering this morning about it being our anniversary :) Woot.

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so, even better, today is our 9 month anniversary, and we figured out this morning that he'll be here when 1 year rolls around. tee hee.

me = way excited, wish it would get here already.

but I'm not allowed to calculate how many days until I'm done with my finals.

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EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! He bought his ticket tonight, to come out for three weeks!!! Three Weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stacy = happy girl :)

He even called my little sister to say hello and talk to her about it... heehee... I am sooo wooed *big cheesy grin*

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Thursday, May 08, 2003

Mean lil fellow, arn't you?

What Monty Python Character are you?
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Wednesday, May 07, 2003

I can't help but wonder... if I had stayed at Chatham, would I be going through this awakening right now?

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I feel like there's something to learn or say right now, and I just can't get to it... like there's something I can't communicate, and it feels just like it does before I really hit a mental/emotional growth spurt, and it's frustrating because I feel so absentminded, like I can't really focus on this thing because I'm waiting for this epiphany. I feel like my life is starting to really move, to really go somewhere, and it's exciting as all hell and really inspires me with a lot of hope for the future... like I'm finally back on track, and I'm not just plodding along on some steady road anymore, but starting to trailblaze in a different way... I'm getting more involved, I'm really starting to give a shit again, and it's the most wonderful thing, this end of the apathy... but it's scary too, to be fully alive all the time, to really take an active part in your own destiny. And I'm learning so much lately, things I didn't know before, and it's only going to get huger from here... I mean shit, I'm taking Chemistry and Zoology and Human Genetics, and those are all wholly uncharted waters for me. I know what to expect from Crit Theory and Approaches to Shakespeare because I've been doing the whole English thing for so long, and after a while it's really all the same... but this is all new... this is like reading the instruction manual for nature and life and the entire world around us... and it has spiritual applications too, because us witches are all about being able to see things in our minds... and now that I am starting to know what goes where and how everything works, I can picture things like healing and even just the proper workings, and the extreme interconnectedness of everything... And there will come a time when I can really merge the English skills I've aquired with the solid knowledge being poured into me from the science department, and when that happens I'll have the ability to really make changes and contributions to the world, either just by using my voice, or in some other way that is yet unseen to me. I feel like the limitations I put on myself for so long are gone now. I feel like I have potential again, like there are just strings and strings of neverending possibilities available to me. And nothing is definite, and it scares me to death, but there is so much potential, and I can't even really wrap my brain around it. I feel so... driven...

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so things this summer are shaping up to go really really well.... maybe a little too well... I kind of feel like life is getting ready to shit on me again.

I sent in my application for the JC for the summer... just waiting on my official transcripts, so I can send those off too...

I'm really tired, like so tired my eyes are at half mast and I just feel worn down and utterly devoid of patience. I can't wait to go home and be rejuvinated.... must sleep, must hug Amie lots, must start new volunteer position and all that stuff.

but most importantly, must not get hopes up.

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so how excited am I about this volunteer program?!? like intensely excited, like so excited my Mom is excited... this could be really great for me, like really great. tee hee.

and this is the place...

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so, Steve wins the postcard race, having sent me 11 postcards this year. woot woot! and he wins especially for sending postcards to my little sister, as well... she finds them ultra cool because they're from Steevie, and from Australia...

can y'all tell I'm procrastinating?

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Tuesday, May 06, 2003

*happy dance*

so I contacted someone for those volunteer/intership opps as forwarded to me by mix-master Phug, explained everything about my situation, my educational background, future goals, all that kind of stuff. we engaged in phone tag for a little while, but eventually made it onto the phone together. she said I sound ideal for their programs, and that even though she usually requires an interview, it sounds like I have everything together, and she's fine with meeting me on the first day of training. there's an internship open, but it's mainly teaching focused, and I'm not sure that would be the most appropriate thing for what I want to do... then there are docent positions, both for school kids and the general public, and then there's the aquarist program, which is what I really want, because it involves feeding and looking after the animals and cleaning out the tanks and just making sure everythings in order, that kind of stuff. that one really appeals to me because I want to work with animals in some capacity if I can. I'm so excited, because I didn't think I'd get it given my lack of sciency experience and all that, and this is really a great way to get my foot in the door... big aquariums and stuff ask for experience, even for volunteers... and who knows, maybe I'll work at this place for a couple of summers, or maybe I'll be able to work at the Aquarium of the Pacific next year. at any rate me = very very excited.

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so, Wendy and Andy are having a trans-atlantic wooing contest... stop on over and cheer them on... seriously, I think they've got the market cornered on gooberness...

my computer is not connecting to the network in my room, so I'm here in the computer lab, (on a mac, no less), updating y'all... not much to say really, too much stuff to do over the next two weeks, so don't expect a whole lot out of me until like a while from now, when I've recovered from all this finals b.s.

all in all, things are going well, really well, actually... maybe a little too well *looks around suspiciously*... I will be getting Amie hugs in 2 weeks, sprawled out on my futon and sleeping, hitting the beach with Michelle for a couple days, and just relaxing before my summer classes start. this summer is shaping up nicely, just hope it all plays out like it has the potential to...

seriously, the only thing that could make it better is if I could get Wendy out here for a visit... say in June or July-ish... c'mon, you know you want to come out... you know you want to... we'll go clubbing and giggle at all the pretentious goths and posers, and sit around knitting and laughing and snerking, and hanging out with Amiekins... you know you want to... *hypnotizing gaze* look into my eeyyyyyeeeeees.......

but seriously, lets hope my moms off the wedding-planning bandwagon, cuz damn... it's a little creepy, you know? like maybe I'll just get plastic surgery and go into hiding in Belgium kinda creepy... who are you and what have you done with my mother?!?

it looks like one of my bestest friends is coming back home soon, I hope I hope I hope I hope I hope... and he might be living in San Fran, making him the closest to me of anyone... hello, weekend road trips?!? I think so. *nods*

ooooooh, and Phugman sent me an email with a bunch of possible volunteer/internshippy types of things... must call today, and find out more about those... woot woot.

have to pack too... why does all this stuff pile up on me at once?? whats the deal?!? c'mon, I'm tired, just let me sleeeeeeeep..... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Saturday, May 03, 2003

god, could I effing be any more in love with my boyfriend?

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Friday, May 02, 2003

things I accomplished today:

finished Michelles hat
started a hat I can't finish because I don't have the right needles *pout*
talked on the phone. a lot.

oh yeah, and this is scary beyond all reason.

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Thursday, May 01, 2003

kiss my ass2
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heehee.... heehehehehehehehehehehe...

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