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Monday, March 26, 2001

Well, I survived Kentucky!!! (and there was much rejoicing... yay...) Uncle Gene is doing ok, though he's still in pain, and his wit is as sharp as ever..

I got to drive, and eat actual food, and watch movies, and crack jokes with one of my favorite relatives for the whole week. It was great :) He also let me borrow a whole bunch of pictures from his childhood and days in the Navy during WWII. I'm going to scan them and burn them onto a CD so that they'll be preserved in case something happens to the originals. I'll also post some of them in different places on my site.

Still no luck obtaining my W2's. I called the paycheck company, and was blown off completely. The girl called me back and said she wouldn't tell me anything because I'm not her contact person. This tells me 2 things: #1, they still have them somewhere, or have lost them, and #2, it is in some way their fault that I don't have them. This is fine. I've got my mom looking for my last paycheck so that I can get the info I need to call the IRS, and I fully intend to file a nasty complaint about her and her company when I do. She can blow me off all she wants, but it will have reprocussions for her. I hate it when people use "office policies" as an excuse to be rude and unhelpful.

It's nice to be back, even if it did snow the night I came back into Pittsburgh. The cold has to end eventually, right? *sigh* At least my mom sent my coat, so I should get it soon. There's supposed to be other goodies in there too. I also had a letter from one of my friends in my mailbox waiting for me, which did a lot to elevate my spirits.

All in all, things are somewhere between mediocre and tollerable. I'm sick, so that doesn't help, and I'm readjusting slowly to being back at school. Fortunately I have good friends here to help me pass the time. I got a B+ on a paper for my Shakespeare, and a B on a mid-term for American Lit, so academically I'm doing ok. English is my major, and my 3 english professors are all tough graders, so B's are decent, even though I'd rather they were A's

Hope everyone is doing well. Post on my message board, dammit.


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Thursday, March 15, 2001

Ok, so midterms are almost over, and tomorrow morning I leave for Kentucky to see Uncle Gene. Everything should be great, right?


The company I used to work for, Showtime Pictures (no relation to the movie company) STILL hasn't sent my W2 forms... these people are thoroughly incompitant. I've been calling and emailing and otherwise bugging them for over 2 weeks. Every time I leave a message, it is not returned. Every time I get the girl on the phone, she tells me she doesn't have them yet, and that she'll send them once she gets them. So here's my plan. Tomorrow morning I'm going to call, and tell her calmly that unless the company wants to pay for my school next year, they'd better get my my damn W2's so that I can finish my financial aid stuff. Then I'm going to ask for the payroll companies phone number, and put the fear of God into THEM. Basically, I'm going to make it crystal clear to them all that if I don't have my W2's inside of 2 weeks, I WILL be contacting a lawyer. Period. I don't care if they're good people. I don't care if they're nice. Unless the W2 form or a check for $26,000 to cover college next year is in the mail at my house in Ca within the next week and a half, it's time for legal action, because this is just rediculous. I've had enough.

Other than that, things are going ok. I'm gathering pictures and such for the Chatham Stooges website that I want to put up. Could take a while because it's midterms/spring break time, and everyone (including me) is busy. Hopefully I can get it together once I get back from Kentucky.

Hope everyone is doing better than me.


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Sunday, March 11, 2001

Ok, so I called my uncle Gene today, and confirmed that I will definitely be going to see him over spring break. It was so great to talk to him over the phone! He sounded weak, but after his surgery, I'm not surprised. They had to split his sternum, remove his heart, put him on a heart machine, and replace the bad veins and arteries in the back of his neck. Then they put his heart back in, fastened his sternum with wire, and sewed him back up. It's going to take him months to heal, but he sounded good, full of the same spirit I've known him to have. In a way this is a good thing. He's had this bloodclot in the back of his neck near his brain stem for a long time. There was always a bad danger that he would faint or drop dead at any moment, but they were afraid to do the surgery because it's so invasive, and complicated. Well, recently he had a stroke, so I guess they decided the surgery was necessary enough (he'd always said they were going to wait until he DID drop dead to do the surgery, lol.) In a way I'm relieved, because at least now the surgery is behind him, and hopefully the danger isn't so bad. I'll know more after spring break.
My mom and sister called me today, too :) I miss them so much, but I'm doing well here this semester, so I've decided not to transfer home. My mom wanted to tell me that she found me a trench coat at a used clothing store. I have the most awesome mother in the universe, really. I was teasing her, telling her she should be me one, but I was only joking because we both know she can't afford one at full price. So she went looking for one in a used clothes store, and found one practically new, with a wool lining that can be zipped in and out :) She's gonna send it to me tuesday when she gets it back from the cleaners :) Yay, Mom! Also, my Mom, Sister, and my sisters dad started counseling last week. My sister didn't want to go at first, because she thought it would suck, but it turns out that both my mom and sister really dig the psychologist, so things are going well. He promised my sister that they could play games next week :)
All in all things are going well. My friend Jen (the youth minister) has died her hair pink! So in the space of the past 6 months, she has gotten a tattoo, gotten her belly button pierced, and died her hair pink and chopped it all off. _ She's making me look conservative! How has this happened?!?!? I need to do something drastic to catch up... hmmmmmm..... any ideas?

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Ok... I think I have a problem. You see, I can update my site very very quickly via my schools T1 connection, so I've updated, tweaked, and otherwise changed the site at least 12 times in the past 24 hours... *sigh* is there a support group or a 12-step program I should be joining? But hey, at least it's convenient... I'd feel even more pathetic if it took forever to upload everything.

So my spring break is a week away.. Yay! I will have a whole week to get caught up on the stuff I should already have read by now. But it looks promising that I will get to go see my uncle Gene in Kentucky for the week, so I'm pretty excited! My Uncle Gene is awesome. He's my grandfathers brother, so I guess technically he's my great Uncle. He fought in WWII, and spent some of his childhood in an orphanage, so he tells the best stories. He's extremely fun to be around. He just had very invasive surgery on the veins and arteries in the back of his neck, so he's going to take a long time to get all his strength back, but he's a fighter, so I know he'll be ok. Hopefully I can help out while I'm there, even if it's only to keep him company.

Schools going ok. I'm thinking of making a site for me and the other stooges I hang out with. Not sure how far this idea will go, though. It might take an act of god to get them to let me take pictures of them. And even once that's done, who knows how long it will be before I can get them developed? I am HORRIBLE about getting my film developed... I have at least 6 undeveloped rolls in my camera bag as we speak... from AUGUST of 2000. LoL... if I ever get those pictures developed, maybe I'll post them on this site?

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Saturday, March 10, 2001

Yay!!!!!! Thanks to the genius of my friend Patrick, I was able to fix my page on option number two, so the official URL of my site is:!!! Mucho thanks to Patrick, especially since he is hella busy, and I know everyone bugs him about computer stuff. Also, I'm really loving this site hosting place, because it's really easy to erase and upload files, so it will make it that much easier to monitor/update my site. I'm happy about this!


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Friday, March 09, 2001

Ok, so I finally have my page uploaded, and it currently resides at two different URL's. Each of them has a problem, however. The first uses ftp, and while I managed to get it up there by going through a dial-up instead of my schools network, it wont let me update it. I'm going to give it another go tonight, because I've updated the pages since then, and it is looking a lot better. The second is all perfect, even gives me access to a message board, a guest book, and mail form, but despite the fact that I've uploaded every damn picture into every possible directory, it won't display the pictures. I've email the host about this, but no word yet. If I can remedy this, I will be much happier than I am now. The other thing I like about this second option is that I can upload everything over my schools network, so it transfers almost instantaneously, and makes it very convenient (and also more likely that I will update on a regular basis, since I can update pages individually, or several at once.)
I'm really enjoying this journal program, thanks to Very convenient!


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Thursday, March 08, 2001

heehee... all posted... *blush*

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This is really freaking depressing. I spent hours building my website, and now I can't upload the stupid thing because of my schools lame ass firewall. This is so stupid. It's my computer, but I can't do anything with it because of the damn IT nazi's. This is such crap.


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Still working on my site. Hope to have it up on the web tonight some time. Wish me luck,


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