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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I can't not post this...

I found this on, and I am posting it because I can't stop staring at it, and I'm posting it with Anthony's response because it's the funniest damn thing ever and the absolute most perfect response to anything ever.

"God did not make that."


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Saturday, February 12, 2005

life behind the redwood curtain.

so I haven't updated in forever, and I'm going to do so quickly in one of my world famous bulleted lists o' randomness.

* we have settled into the apartment, mostly, except that things are still in boxes and the whole place has an air of disaray... what could be more homelike?

* our cats are insane. like by a lot, even.

* I've been sick for round about a month now. seriously. would someone kindly shoot me already? I've missed an entire week of work, which is bad since it's mainly the new job, but honestly, I can't go outside in the cold when both of my ears have been infected and I can't keep enough food down to give me any recognizable strength. I'm starting to recuperate, however, so next week it's back to work with a vengence, and hopefully they'll start to realize that this is an unfortunate, isolated occurance.

* so the novelty of living up here? it's starting to wear off. I think the most of it is that I am dying to go back to school and start on my Master's degree. At the moment, things just sort of feel stagnant, and like I'm not really working on anything worthwhile at the moment. I got my degree confirmation, which is nice, but I'll feel better when I'm making progress again.

* this country? you know, the USA? I am so over this country. seriously, when did ignorance and jingoism and everything else bush stands for become matters of national pride? yes, I know this has been happening for a while now, and I've been painfully aware of it at every bend in the road, but seriously, it's becoming almost painful for me to live here. I want to move somewhere where people believe in silly things like human and civil rights, universal health care, and being a positive presence in the world instead of the big dipshit bully who steals everyones milk money. I want to live somewhere where people work to enrich their lives, not to define their lives (thank you, Italian Job), away from the influence of bush's rainbow of doom, where morality is a matter of choice and not of government mandate. *sigh* this place is really depressing. I'm in a haven of liberals up here, it's true, you don't get any more liberal than northern California, but still... meh.

* so, in a bit of happy news that no one will be surprised about, Fuzzy finally popped the question! we're engaged!!! woohoooo! trying to get him to agree to a date, however? that's turning out to be a different story entirely.... I'm pulling for Juneish of 2006.

* speaking of which... should we get married in so cal, vegas, or mendocino? I've kind of decided, but I'm still open to input.

* oh, and better question... where should we honeymoon? I'm kind of thinking Canada, because it's the most logical place to immigrate to and it would be nice to see it sometime soonishlike. On the other hand, there are about a million other places worldwide I'd like to see.... I kind of always wanted to go to New Orleans, but it's in the deep south, and in a red state to boot, so that's out... those people scare me. Maybe somewhere in Europe? hmmmmm....

* note to self: establish weekly meetings of knitting club already.

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