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Sunday, April 27, 2008

new, with peeectures!

So Zelda is doing well. She changed for a bit from cuddle-tart to droopy darling, so we had to take her back to the vet, where they put her on antibiotics and more pain meds, and now she is pretty much back to normal. I miss the tartiness, but I'm just happy she's feeling better.

Kita and I went to the zoo today, which was cool. They got some new cotton-top tamarins, who I totally love. They are teeny little guys, and I think I would be awesome if I had one riding around on my shoulder all the time... I mean, bad idea because primates=too smart to be good pets, but they're seriously cute anyway.

I now totally love chickens, by the way, especially this dood, who is totally wearing feather pants. He's totally pimped out, and looks so effing cute running around the zoo yard.

And here is the chicken in pants running around with his friend, whom I have named the Funky Chicken. Funky Chicken totally has theme music, like Shaft.

Look! A Llama!!! He's totally awesome, no?

And finally, this is a goat that has obviously been eating too much spice. Just sayin'.

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Emo cat gets second chance at life

So, Zeldarelly had to have surgery the other day. She has feline gingivostomatitis, which is a big word to say her immune system attacks her teeth and gums. There are drug regimens to treat it, but they have the potential for some gnarly side effects, and she would have to take them forever, so we decided to get her the surgery. She had 9 teeth pulled. It's drastic, but it has a good success rate, and I can tell you it's worked a miracle for Zelda. I expected her to be groggy and in pain for at least a day or two, but the change in her is just awesome. She was on the good drugs when we picked her up, but from the get go she's been even more loving than she was before, more confident, and she's been eating like a piggy. I asked the vet to recommend a food to put weight on her, and she had us get this prescription diet stuff, and she's already put on a little bit of weight. And of course, she's getting spoiled rotton for a bit, until she's healed up a bit at least. She wanted to eat dry food today, but I want to keep her on the wet as long as she'll let me. Her mouth has been inflamed and sore for so long that I don't want to rush the transition back.

She's gone from the "lap seeking missile", as Patrick called her, to full on tart. Now when you pet her she doesn't just purr like mad, she gets into it and will sometimes roll over on her back to get more lovin's, and she wriggles around like crazy, LoL. When we first picked her up, she had two bandaged front wrists, because they had trouble trying to find a vein for the IV. She looked like a little Emo kitty coming home from the hospital after a suicide attempt, and we wanted to get a picture for
ICHC, but sadly she pulled them off over night, so all thats left is her little bald spots.

I was so nervous dropping her off, because any time you have to use anesthesia there is some risk, plus I read somewhere that there have been rare cases where cats eyes get punctured during tooth extractions (the eye orbit is right on the other side of a very thin bit of bone from the top molars.) The vets were great, they didn't mind when we each called to check on her, or me acting like an anxious mommy. They told us that all the techs and people in the back fell in love with her, which I can believe. She's a great ambassador for her species, because she's the friendliest, cuddliest cat on the planet, especially now that she's not in pain anymore. I can't rave about them enough, really, and if you're up here behind the redwood curtain, I highly recommend them: Arcata Animal Hospital, on Giuntoli Ln. Dr. Bithel is amazing! Zelda may never be afraid to go to the vet again.

Other than that, things are good. Schools almost over, we're thinking about applying to be air traffic controllers, which would be a good job for both of us, so who knows.

One thing I have to say, though....

Dear Flogging Molly,

I love your music, I am a huge fan, however... The words "boat" and "float" should not rhyme with the word "soda". On Jay Leno, the other night, it was like "So don't... don't sink the boatAAAAGH, that you built, you built to keep afloatAAAAAGH". It was kind of obnoxious and distracting. I love that song, it's on my myspace profile, and I listen to it all the time, so I know it's possible to sing it without the AAAAGH sound. Please, get rid of the AAAAAGH.

Sincerely, your ardent and loyal fan,

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Thursday, April 03, 2008


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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

An update, on me (in which she will do her best to avoid bitching about politics)...

In bullet points, because I am le tired.

*you know what happens when you TA two classes and they both have exams on the same day? You end up with a huge effing pile of exams to grade. Like over 100 exams. Shoot me in the head.

*My shrink said I don't need to go in anymore unless I feel the need to. Been doing fine, no longer feel like human pharmacology experiment. Down to just birth control, wheeeeee. That's less meds than when the panic disorder hit in the first place, and a particular accomplishment given the toll the PTSD took on me.

*Found out person who assaulted me and my friend killed himself. Felt sad, and wondered what went so wrong in his life. Wonder what this says about me.

*Sold my first yarn!!! And the person loved it when she got it!!! Feel awesome, working on more spinning. Put more yarn up in shop. Expensively priced, but given how much effort went into it, would work out to about 20 cents an hour. *sigh* Realize this will only ever feed my fiber habit, not make me money.

*First milled soap a success. Still detest milling process, probably will not do again. Soap lovely, though, leaves skin feeling very clean and pleasantly soft. Huzzah.

*Have been planning road trip across US with Furry Husbeast. We are for sure stopping in the home of the jackalope, Mt. Rushmore, and the worlds largest ball of twine. Many ridiculous pictures to ensue, no doubt.

*Zelda has some big, nasty dental disease which I can pronounce and spell, but don't want to. She needs to have her back teeth pulled, poor baby :( She's basically allergic to the plaque on her teeth, so her immune system attacks the teeth and this leads to a lot of pain and inflamation in the mouth and upper throat. She's gotten a steroid injection to help ease the symptoms until we get our tax refund and can take her in for the procedure. I just want her better! But if someone has a spare $500 laying around, it would not go unappreciated.

*Might be taking an ethnobotany course with my mom! We'll get to camp and spend an entire day with Karuk basketweavers and herbalists. So. Effing. Excited.

*Have been shrinking again. Hope this trend continues as I don't want to get diabetes, thank you very much. Will attempt to encourage trend by ceasing my consumption of crap food. Tomorrow.

*The Getting Rid of Shit campaign continues apace. I am currently selling a wedding dress and a treadmill. Let me know if you are interested in either/both. Probably best if you live up here behind the redwood curtain, but I could at least ship the dress.

*My hair is getting longer, and it's in that damned prince valiant stage. grrrrrr. tempted to let it grow out again just so I never have to deal with it at this length again.

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