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Sunday, July 31, 2005

woulda posted before, but now I'm sober I might spell stuff right...

So on Friday night we went on another bar crawl, and seeing as how there's a monster devouring my uterus, I was the designated drinker this time, and Fuzzy was the designated driver. And drink I did. I drank like I haven't drank since I was in London and Dublin. I had a double midori sour, which was very tasty, that was at the Alibi, where they know how to make a drink that tastes good. Then we went to Toby and Jacks, and I decided to get a vodka and red bull. Toby and Jacks is a good place to go if you want to get shit faced and don't care how anything tastes. The drink was 3/4 vodka, 1/4 red bull. I kept the rest of the red bull, whih is fortunate, because I managed to get down enough of it to make room for the redbull, and once I added it, it was very nearly drinkable. Once I got to the bottom of that floor cleaner I was markedly intoxicated, but decided to aim for some more taste-friendly beverages. So next up was malibu passion fruit with sprite, which had a lot of alcohol in it, but since it's malibu and not vodka, it's a little easier on the ol' esophagus. After that I went for another midori sour, but this being TJ's it had the same amount of alcohol in a glass half the size, so it wasn't quite as nice as the first one. We rounded off the evening with a shot of the pink shit, which I haven't had for a long time. After that I leaned over to Fuzzy and slurred those beautiful words... "that's enough for me, I'm not drinking anymore." We had fun, especially since Anthony'd never seen me drunk before, and now him and Fuzzy have plenty of things to make fun of me for. There was much laughing, much table pounding, and quite a few stumbling trips to the bathroom. I didn't have a hangover the next morning, but I had been getting sick already, so between the booze and the fact that I slept with my mouth open all night since I couldn't breathe through my nose, I was pretty damned dehydrated and sick in the morning. I'm still really congested and miserable, but it's okay because I haven't gone out drinking with Anthony in a good while, and the memory will last me a few years until I'm ready to have a good drink again. Now I'm ready to go back to my usual limit of half a smirnoff.

I register for classes on Tuesday, which is, of course, leading to lots of stress. Bio 105 looked really safe, but Chem 109 and the Criminology class were full, so I emailed those professors for magic numbers. The Chem 109 prof emailed me the numbers, so I'm in there, but now it conflicts with the only open lab for Bio 105, so I've emailed that professor now too. Someone dropped the Crim class, so I could possibly get that spot, but hopefully he'll let me in anyway. I could possibly manage Biometry, which might be a good idea, but I'd need a magic number since I don't want to take a math class that sounds identical to the one I took at Chatham. I don't know if it's wise to take two hardcore sciences and statistics my first semester as a science major, but if I don't get the Crim class I'll probably see about doing it. I'll be checking my email compulsively until I hear back from those professors.

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

day one: the modest bar crawl

So last night Anthony arrived and performed valliantly in battle with the new Swedish futon, but one can only brave the monster so well with plastic nails and inadequate sized holes for them to go into. He gave up around 8:30, and we headed down to good old Toby and Jacks, which was pretty empty and wouldn't honor my designated driver bracelet, so Anthony bought me a soda and we sat around, the boys taking in a fair few glasses of Great White. Once that pitcher was emptied, we mosied on up to the Alibi, where the did honor my bracelet, and as I downed a series of Shirly Temples, Fuzzy had himself a nice Guiness and Anthony had a double pine sol gin and tonic, and followed it up with a pomegranate cosmo, which was tasty. We also had some rather unhealthy, but very yummy, muchies while there, so yay Alibi. Anthony got tipsy and we took a sentimental voyage to WinCo. There was much giggling and questionable motor skills, and all in all, I had a real blast. I believe next time we're going to start at APD with some seriously good pizza, and proceed from there to a place of much imbibing. Woot.

As for the conversation, it went more like this:
Fuzzy: "Please come back up to Arcata. Seriously, life isn't worth living without you."
Anthony: "But I got that great job waiting for me. Seriously, I'm making enough so that, if I save up my money, I can afford to rent an entire parking space in Irvine."
Stacy: (innocently sips shirley temple)
Fuzzy: "But you must come back! You must! It is your destiny!"
Anthony: "But I can't until some job of mythical proportions opens up at my feet and draws me to it shimmering golden breast."
Stacy: (sips shirley temple)
Fuzzy: "Please come back? Please?"
Anthony: "But you don't understand. This job filing is so rewarding that it makes up for the fact that I'm living in an area where you have to be a doctor with a private practice just to afford a studio apartment."
Stacy: (smacks forehead)

Oh, and we (collectively) came to the conclusion that making $50,000 a year in Southern CA is about the equivalent of making $20,000 a year here. Just saying *cough*Patrick*coughcough*

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

the lull between visits

So my sister left yesterday, and Anthony is supposed to arrive sometime tomorrow bearing a futon and the promise of many fond adventures. Funny story... I bought a shirt that says "Idaho... NO! U-DA-HO!" on it because I saw it and imagined him giggling like a little girl at it. If he doesn't giggle about it sober, then I'm sure it will improve on him after a few drinks, at least. Here is how I imagine the visit will go, put together in silly, yet not inacurate, quotes:

Day 1: Anthony: "Damn, I really missed it up here. It's not even 100 degrees here!"
Me: "I know!"
Fuzzy: (shudders remembering the summer heat of Southern CA)

Day 2: Anthony: "Man, I missed Toby & Jacks... now if I could only remember what happened last night."
Me: "Seriously? I just remember you pointing at my shirt and giggling."
Fuzzy: (points at Anthony and laughs)

Day 3: Anthony: "Why'd I ever move back down, anyway?"
Me: *shrug*
Fuzzy: "No. Idea."

Day 4: Anthony: "So I'm sticking around. I'll be on the futon if you need me."
Fuzzy: "Want a beer?"
Me: "Or a Boone's Farm, perhaps?"

See? This is why people should just listen to me when I tell them to move up here.

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Monday, July 25, 2005

visit pics

Originally uploaded by shadowmousey.
This is the three of us at Big Blue Cafe, which has the best food ever. If you want to see all of the photos from the visit, click on the photo.

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wishes come true.... not free.

So the visit with my sister is almost over, which sucks, because I had a real blast hanging out with her, especially this last weekend, when I could actually walk. We went to the farmer's market, and to the park to take some pictures, and we went shopping and to the beach and to Patrick's Point and took more pictures, and it was really fun. And now I'm almost completely broke, but it's all been worth it. I know I'll see her again in a few weeks when I go down, but it won't be the same, you know? It won't be me and her and Fuzzy, and it'll be hot, and I KNOW I'm not going to feel like doing a lot of baking in the 100 degree heat (trust me on this one.) I'll post more later, including a bunch of the pictures, even the ones where I look silly. Right now I'm just sad she's going to be leaving.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

still alive, I promise.

So we're still alive and kicking over here, things have just been busy because of Amie's visit. We haven't been doing a whole lot, and I know she is terminally bored since Chris and I have been working so much every day, but I for one am still having a huge blast just being around her. We have baked cakes and pies and cookies and made fabulous dinners, and watched movies and things.

The reason we having been doing more is because I finally went in to have my ingrown toenail cut out, and seeing as 90% of the nail went with it, it's been slow in healing. I had to take a whole day off of work and leave early another time, and I've spent entirely too much time laying on the couch with my foot elevated. Today *knock on wood*, it's finally begining to feel better, so I have good hopes for the rest of the visit. I want to take Amie to the beach, and take pictures of her and I together, and go to the farmers market and back to the Big Blue Cafe and do lots of other things. She wants to learn to bake pies, so I thought we'd go and see what sort of yummy fresh fruits we can buy at the farmers market and whip up something from that.

Yesterday we went clothes shopping, because anyone who knows me knows I am in desperate need of a wardrobe overhaul, especially with school starting up again, and I really managed to find some comfortable and fun stuff. I'm sick of looking frumpy or just plain blah. A lot of the clothes I have either don't fit properly, or I bought to try and camoflage my body (ineffectively, I might add.) I feel like I've finally come to grips with my weight and the shape I'm in, because I picked up some things that are a bit more daring and not quite so shapeless or just plain wrong. So hurrah for less self-loathing. Maybe I'll even post some pictures of myself? Even full length ones? It's not like I have to impress anyone but myself and maybe Fuzzy, when I'm in a generous mood.

Also, wonder of wonders, Amie found clothes at Ross that she actually liked, so we got her a couple of pairs of jeans at a really good price, which my mom was happy about. Could it be I've finally sold her on the benefits of bargain shopping? I mean, she balked when I said I wasn't going to get a shirt because, at $15, it was a little expensive for my budget, so maybe we've got a ways to go. At any rate, I still need more clothes, so we'll be going on another shopping spree when I get paid. At least then I should be able to walk a bit more, and we can go to the shops that she likes too. She said she couldn't possibly live here, though, because we haven't got Tilly's or Hollister or Abercrombe... *sigh*

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

(cue dueling banjos)

So, our neighbors. *sigh* We have two sets of neighbors that are in the process of making my life a living hell. I've never even met any of these people, but I would be really happy if they'd manage to fall off the edge of the earth at some point, mmmmkay? One set likes to have their TV turned up loud at night. I'm talking, LOUD. As in we can hear it across two entire apartments and one large hallway worth of space, loud. The other set likes to pound on the wall in an effort to communicate something "please turn down the tv, shitforbrains." They also enjoy calling the police on each other, and then yelling at the poor officer their crazy-ass version of events, one bitching about the loud tv, the others bitching about the wall-banging. Now, see, I can understand the wall banging, because I can personally attest to the fact that on two separate occasions, two different police officers have had to pound on their fucking door for over 20 minutes because they WOULD NOT ANSWER THE FUCKING DOOR. How can I attest to this? Because it woke me from a sound sleep both times and I could hear every damn thing everyone was saying. So hi, you're party B, living next to a nutjob with a loud TV, they won't ever open the door and when they do they verbally accost you, so you can't exactly go ask them to turn it down like a normal person. I would sure as hell bang on the wall to. Just saying. The manager has been to talk to them several time. I know because I sleep next to him (or not sleep, on the evenings where the police visits, the yelling, or the TV blasting are occuring.) These people are all lunatics in need of some serious problem management skills. Aside from the keeping me up, they are also keeping Fuzzy up, and pretty much making him look a little more harassed every single day. Please people, knock it the fuck off already.

Also, Amie is here and I am excited!! And also tired from work and grocery shopping and cooking and stuff. But tonight, Diane the Magnificent is coming over to watch movies and knit and maybe drink a little wine. This should be most excellent. I miss Diane, and she is teh awesome, truly. So. Excited.

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Friday, July 08, 2005

Manticore? Imaginary... Griffin? Extinct!

So guess who's flying home instead of spending 14 gruelling hours on the various forms of amtrak? That's right, me! So excited... I mean, I have to have 2 and 4 hour layovers, one on the way down, one on the way back, but seriously? to get home in under 6 hours? I'll take it! Plus, I haven't been on a plane since I went to visit Fuzzy in PA, and that was like 2 years ago, and I really like air travel, because it's less annoying than the other methods.

My Amie gets here Monday! So. Effing. Excited. Plus, I'm going to gain like 300 lbs because we are going to bake like a couple of crazy little mofos. I absolutely cannot wait for her to get here, I miss her so bad it's crazy. And seriously? Do you even KNOW how much Harry Potter we're going to watch? And when the book gets here?!? heheeheheehehehe! So excited about the month of July. Woot.

Oh, and DSL?!? So turned on. Apparently, the guy Fuzzy finally talked to (at the end of his 2.5 hour stint on the phone) DID turn it over to a manager, who DID expedite it... we had problems with the same registration snafu's as last time, so he had to call tech support and ended up fixing it himself, but the point is, it's turned on, and so even though I'm still a little annoyed over the whole business, it's easier to just let it be and go on with things. Besides, they lowered our monthly fee by $5 since we had so many problems, so I guess it sort of evens out now.

Also, about a week ago, we got a venus fly trap for my office, and it's very cool to watch. We fed it a spider a little while ago, and it was neat to watch it close around it. Her name is Audrey II. My other plants are not doing so well, and I'm getting sorta worried about it, since these are the ones that are important to me. I might have to resort to putting them outside, but that makes me nervous, because we live in the midst of a bunch of dickheads and lunatics. I could put them in the living room, but I'm worried about the cats attacking them, so I don't know what to do just yet... we'll see what happens.

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Thursday, July 07, 2005


So, yes, Anthony, one of the visits is from you, so you better not flake out because I'm way looking forward to it, and I'm even perusing the want ads for you...

The other one is a close encounter of the Phug kind, in early September. Totally effing excited. He'll be the first of my southern CA friends to make the journey up here, so all y'all northcoasters best be nice to him.

Also, I am so effing depressed about the bombs in London. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with people? And I don't know if this is messed up or not, but seeing the pictures, the background, you know, of the city and places I've been and seen, it's making me miss being there really bad, and it's devastating in a way that 9/11 wasn't, because I've never been to NY, so it wasn't quite so familiar to me. The photos by Kings Cross especially make me remember my last trip there, getting on the train to go to Cambridge, or just mucking around town. To be honest, now that my career path is taking me in a hugely marketable direction, one where advanced degrees can lead places besides academia, and the possibilities of immigration are much more possible, I wouldn't mind moving there. I'm just tired of being an American.

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

For Fuzzy

Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you...

Happy Birthday dear FUZZZZZZYYYYY

Happy Birthday to you :)

also, will we soon be having two more visits!?!?!?! stay tuned, loyal readers ;)

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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

note to SBC

Dear SBC,

You guys are really lucky that you talked to my fiance this time instead of me, because after last time, I am in no mood to take any shit or any excuses from you people. If you had spoken to me today I would have told you to cancel my contract without any fees, and if you'd given me any additional problems, I would have told you what you could do with that contract after you'd cancelled it. All I can say now is that if the DSL is not on by Tuesday, which you said is the latest date it will be on THIS TIME, you've only delayed my wrath by a few days. Because seriously? THIS IS GETTING REALLY FUCKING RIDICULOUS ALREADY!


Researching Cable Internet Service in Northern California

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* So, the apartment is great, but the complex is a nightmare. Everyday, Fuzzy looks just a little more beaten down by all the BS inflicted on him by our wonderful tenants. Don't misunderstand me, most of them are just fine, but it's the squeaky wheels that get the grease, right? And there are a couple that are really getting to him and making his life miserable. And then there're the nimrods that walk past our window carrying on a lively conversation at two in the effing morning. I swear, one night I'm going to stand outside and wait for them and beat them over the head with something. They wake me up every. effing. night. dipshits.

* I've been on a baking spree, and discovered a wonderful recipe for Mocha Pudding Cake. Seriously, it's to die for. I swear if y'all come visit me I'll whip one up for you. It's worth the traveling, I swear. But if you can't, I might email you the recipe if you ask nicely. maybe.

* My Amie comes to visit us in a little less than a week now! Wheeeeee! So. Effing. Excited. She's going to be my little baking buddy, and we're going to cook yummy things, and hang out and watch movies and be sisters and go to the beach and the farmers market and all the great restaurants and everything. I can't wait to see her, it's been like forever it seems. And we can buy some flowers and practice more to get ready for the wedding to fend off the mamma so she won't worry about it anymore.

* The fourth was fun, we went to a barbecue I heard about through work, and it was great. I got to hang out with my boss outside of work, which was cool, and play with sparklers, which I haven't done since I was a kid. Plus I made homemade chili, and it came out sooooo good in my crockpot.

* In related news, when did I become so domestic? In the past week I've made 2 different kinds of cookies, the cake, and the chili, and some killer burgers. Seriously, the burgers were so good that, even though the beef wasn't that great, they were still nice a moist and flavorful. I rock.

* So my desire to move to Canada has increased ten-fold thanks to the supreme court vacancy. I told Chris that, currently, the likelihood of me moving to Canada is at about 80%. If the supreme court does something stupid, like overturning Roe v. Wade, for example, that likelihood will go straight up to 100%. It will not pass go, nor will it collect $200. Because seriously? The likelihood of me ever having an abortion is just about nil, but I refuse to live in a country that finds it acceptable to deny anyone reproductive freedom. Let's find a way for men to bear children, and see how long these people stay up on their high-horse. It's like the bumperstickers say - "If men could bear children, abortion would be a sacrament." And also, gay marriage... how much longer is it going to take for gays to have the right to marry now that Georgie gets to make a supreme court appointment. I know this doesn't personally affect my ability to get married, but that doesn't mean that I don't feel very passionate about this issue. Generally, the political climate in Canada appeals to me much more than here.

* Seriously, I just finished reading a book about
the body farm, and whodathunkit, it actually makes me want to go to Tennessee. Never thought that would happen....

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Friday, July 01, 2005

there's a vacant seat on the supreme court now, and I feel like I'm going to be sick.

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