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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hey everyone! We're still alive here in New York, just been a bit busy with life and lots of other crap. The good news is that I am now working, and we should have an apartment soon where we will have more reliable access to the internets. Woot. And now, to the pictures.

Here is the harbor in Olcott, NY, which is the home of a pirate festival that we did not go to because my feet are teh suck. It's pretty, though, and Fuzzy's aunt and uncle have a business here fixing boats for rich people.

Here is my new favorite alcoholic beverage, the Sloe Gin Fizz, which is super yummy and keeps me from getting drunk because the sweetness makes me stop drinking them long before the alcohol does much. It's got sloe gin (which is sweet and red), with sweet & sour mix, a bit of soda water, and a little swirl of dark rum on top.

Plus, as you can see, it's served with a weapon and fruit. How can you not like a drink that comes with a weapon and fruit?

Here is my most recent yarn, which I love to pieces and looks like this, except with more purple in it.

I love it so much, you get TWO pictures. That's love, that is...

And here's what I'm doing with it:

It's the Morning Surf Scarf, which has been floating around on the internets for years and which, most recently, was in Spin Off magazine, which if Patrick is reading, I heard is the worst movie ever made. Just saying.

Here is a canon in someones front yard, which we have come to nickname the EEEBIL CANON! or The Canon What Is Up To No Good. Note the wicked eyebrows. I pass his cute little face every day on the way to work with Fuzzy.

Patrick is visiting, hence the previous Inside Joke(tm). We went to Niagara Falls, and donned the Great Trashbags of DOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!! Patrick's transformation into a drooling tourist minion is nearly complete.

And here's me, rockin that hefty bag... Rawr.

Here we are piling onto the Maid of the Mist with everyone else in the free world.

Here we are after the boat ride, and Patrick seems to have had a little accident! Whooopsy!

An here's the obligatory picture of the falls, the American Falls anyway, with the horseshoe falls in the background. They really are purty, I must say, and they look much more impressive from the boat.

And now onto a serious note. My dad was diagnosed with colon cancer on Friday. I don't know much beyond that, but for those of you out there reading this, please, pray or wish or hope or do a rain dance or a blessing or whatever you do, but send him your well wishes for me. I would really really appreciate it.

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