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Tuesday, May 29, 2001

My computer is up and running! but I'm not using it right now because sadly, I have no web connection just yet. I will post more once this is remedied.

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Thursday, May 17, 2001

i wasn't planning to post until my computer arrives at my house, but i just can't help it. not tonight. not after thef*^@&ing day i've had....

it started this morning when i went to pick up my u-haul from the storage place. the previous renter hadn't brought it back, so i got to wait for over an hour while they harrassed him, only to have him call back and say he needs it another day... steeeerike one. so the office guy at the storage place drove me to the latest standard issue uhaul place, and i finally got a damn truck, 2 hours before the storage place closed, so i had to move my stuff in at hyper speed. later, i go to give the truck back afterhours, and i called a cab to take me back to school since the truck stays with the uhaul people, and no cab shows up. i call 2 other cab companies, neither of which has any cabs to send me, so i call the first one again, and they say a guy will be out within 30 minutes... no cab. finally i give up and decide to try again tomorrow, but wait, it gets better. see, i was wearing my pink freud shirt, which has the words "a penis is nothing to envy" on the back. so while i'm waiting for the damn cab, at a gas station because there is no phone at the uhaul place, and this wierd man started talking to me about his penis. "only someone who doesn't have one would think that" and "the big ones get you lots of attention".... i wanted to scream at him, or come back with some witty comment, but i was too angry and annoyed and bitter about my lack of transportation and all... finally i give up and drive the damn truck back to school, and in pulling up saw my friend and her vehicle-enhanced companion, and basically begged them to go with us. so her friend took me to take the truck back, and now all is somewhat ok with the world... kinda... i'm still pissy... and bitter... and i don't want to hear anything about penises, no matter how large their owner claims them to be... and i want to thank tully for keeping me sane, even whilst teetering on the brink of insanity herself. at least i came out of the evening relatively unscathed. i will now curl up in the fetal position and go to sleep. for days... well, at least after i get home i will. i want my momma :(

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Wednesday, May 16, 2001

I'm trying to finish up my packing... It's hard to deal with the actual amount of crap that I have. I know that at least a large portion of it must be somewhat useless, but there are some things that I just cant seem to get rid of... Oh well, I'm certainly trying, at least, so maybe I'm not a lost cause just yet. This will probably be my last post for at least a week (not that I frequently post more than once or twice a week anyway) as I am shipping my computer home. Lets hope it doesn't get dropped this time, eh UPS? The rest of my crap, saving for the ungodly amount I've managed to shove into my duffle bags, is going into storage.

Looking back on my first year in real college, I recognize that I have experienced more, and grown more than I actually thought I would. In retrospect, I think that the amount of loathing I experienced last semester, and at the begining of this one has forced me to make a solid, albeit hard decision. Ultimately, my friends and professors out here in Pittsburgh are the ones who have made it possible for me to follow through with this school. My school has some of the most awesome profs around, and my friends are awesome. I still ache for my friends and family back home, because they have shared my history, but I can definitely see why college friendships are so special. So here's to my people in the 'Burgh.

And to my people at home, see you soon!!!!! WoooHooooo!!!!!

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Saturday, May 12, 2001

:( Douglas Adams, one of the most tallented writers and satirists died on Friday. Here is a link to the CNN article: here. This is really depressing. I think in honor of his life and death, I might choose Hitchhhikers Guide to the Galaxy for our first book, since no one has chosen a clear winner out of the 6 that were nominated. Click on comments below to give feedback.

And please observe a moment of random silliness for this creative man.

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Wednesday, May 09, 2001

I am so excited, but as usual, this will be a testament to my nerdiness. I won the Sherlock Award for my research paper on Jack the Ripper and mystery fiction! Granted, it was only out of the papers in my class, but this was decided by an outside grader who has never met any of us, so it's impartial :) My favorite professor made the award, which is a little profile bust of sherlock holmes mounted in this little box. It's cute :) Yay me!

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Sunday, May 06, 2001

So now that I have a few moments for self-reflection....

I can never seem to figure out how I feel about myself within the confines of this collegiate atmosphere... In some ways I feel good, because I've been able to overcome my demons just to make it here in the first place. I did not allow myself to fall through the cracks again this time. I will be back next year, even though I nearly gave in to procrastination. At other times I feel like I've lost so much time by not going to college right away. I am 2+ years older than most of the people in my class. Granted, I have a much stronger perspective on what I want to accomplish and where I'm going, but still I wonder if I missed something by not attending right out of high school. Would I have burned out? I will never know. At any rate, I'm here now, I'm doing well, and that's all I can really know for sure.

Speaking of where I am going, I've been lazily perusing the websites for a few of the graduate schools I am looking at. This is probably premature of me, seeing as grad school is about three years off, but hopefully it will keep me aware of the standards I have to exceed. I would really like to go to grad school somewhere in the UK. Aside from meeting the rigid standards of the schools I am considering, it seems that funding will also be an issue, as I can't get the normal funding that would be available to me here in the US.

I can feel my mind starting to switch back into California mode. I find it fascinating that here, I am more active without actually going anywhere, whereas at home I am more lethargic while still participating in more social activities. I'm hoping not to fall into a rut of car co-dependency again. My car is my key to freedom, to exploration, to long, deep conversations with my best friends with no particular destination in mind. At the same time, I've lost weight since I got back, and I don't intend to find it at home. I don't want the hills at my school to seem as formidable to me upon my return as they did when I first got here. I'm getting restless, though, and I know I can only be satisfied by a long excursion throughout my stomping grounds along the California coastline. I know it sounds silly, but being so far from the ocean for so long makes me feel claustrophobic. The ocean is my escape, my way of knowing that the world is bigger than the congested cities and destructive habitation of humans. It is my connection to the earth, unbound.

Besides that, I could really go for some good mexican food, right about now.

SkyWanderer, one of my best and oldest friends in all the world (whose method of identity concealment I am hereafter stealing,) told me the other day that he misses our long, meandering drives. I think that's what really got me to thinking about home again, aside from talking to him and Sings with her Spirit on the phone. I need to reexplore my friends. Talking online is so cold and without expression, that it just leaves me something to be desired. I miss the openness of my friends back home. We've known each other forever, and so we know each others history and constitution. Part of the reason I went away to school to begin with was that I wanted to see who I would be without their influence, and now I see the huge folly in that. Best friends are not the people you never fight with, or the people you talk to every day, or who always always have a kind word for you. They are the people who push you to become a better person, regardless of whether or not the words are the kindest. They are the people you find the dizzying heights of life with, and who pick you up when you start to plummet to the lowest lows. Most of all, they are the ones who never get bored during 4 hour drives on random tuesdays, because the discussions are great, and the hours pass quickly.

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Friday, May 04, 2001

It's been a while since I've posted, but mainly because my room is a sweltering hell and any movement at all is made a thousand times more difficult by the 30000% humidity. It's been an adventurous week, complete with getting screwed over by the powers that be of the housing offices at my school, but hopefully that will all work itself out, as I really don't feel up to launching into another screaming tyrade about this whole subject.

I'm looking forward to going home for the summer, I just wish I could be sure that I will have everything taken care of by then. I don't have TOO much studying to do, but I've also got packing to do, storage options to sort out, and travel arrangements to be made.

I am excited to get to see my friends again, but I will miss the friends I've made here, especially the friends I've gotten to know better recently. Fortunately, most of my friends will be back next year. Unfortunately, so will most of my enemies. All in all, it's been a pretty productive year for me, and I am really proud of myself for getting through it and managing to make arrangements for next year here.

I am also looking forward to my extremely right-brained fall semester: Creative Writing 1, Major Brittish Writers 1, Artscape 1: the 60's, Expressions in Painting and Drawing, Study Abroad Pre-Course, and Modern Dance, currently, though I also intend to register for Yoga and Voice.

I notified my employer on campus that I can't promise how often I'll be able to make it into work over the next two weeks, and she just said to come in as much as possible, that they really want to get the filing "done." This cracks me up because 1) I have no intent to work there next year, so I really don't give a rodents hindquarters if their filing gets done, 2) I've gotten the filing "done" 4 times this semester, and every time they just happen to find another 6 ft pile that mysteriously slipped behind a filing cabinet somewhere for me to do, and 3) They honestly think that $5.15 an hour is enough for me to care if they have to look at a pile of filing over the summer, when we all know that there is no chance of THEM actually trying to finish any of it. Frankly, my first priority is getting everything tied up neatly before I leave, and filing doesn't fill that quota for me.

Wish me luck on not pulling my hair out, not melting in this heat, and getting out of my first year in college without yelling horrifically at someone.

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